If I wrote a book on ad ideas would you read it?

Okay, first of all I didn't even produce a single ad in my life, never worked for an ad agency but get many interesting ideas once in a while. I was wondering if I collated all these ideas and send to a publisher would I need credentials to market them or can I sell the book on the weight of the ideas?

Do you need to work for an ad agency to come up with ideas when anyone can come up with ideas of their own? Btw, I mean ideas only not graphics.

Any help, suggestions tips would be appreciated.


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Jaap Grolleman
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How can we rate your work? If the ideas are good, I don't care if you work at Ogilvy or McDonald's.

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Something is telling me you 're just a guy that thinks his ideas are good. It takes more than a "cool" idea to make the ad work in reality (you need strategy/usp, consistency if you were to make a campaign, ideas that haven't been done before and aren't cliche etc). If I were you I would post the ideas on this forum and get feedback, and before you go out make a book why don't you start with a blog?

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Thanks both of you for the reply. The idea of launching a blog to test drive sounds neat.

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Why not when it is interesting and meaningful; I’m a wide reader so such things excites me.

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Why don't you send some now - I would like to hear them :)

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Well I'll just post one here.

Idea #1291: On a black background copy in white reads: DEAD with the Letter E dropping from the text. For Anti-Drug campaign with slogan:Put your family first. Say no to Ecstasy.

Or a different twist. Magazine ad shown copy of pages from Gadsby. Copy: Choose a productive life. Choose a life without E.

This is for now. If y'all like it might as well open a blog and start writing some. :)

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Before you write a book this book to get the idea of what's important in ideas...

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Hello everyone,

As promised I started a blog. It's in beta stage and very informal as a hobby. Feel free to visit it and leave comments: constructive or destructive. Thanks for your time!