Iceland- how are they considered in the advertising world?


I am an advertising student in Belgium. Next year we can go on a foreign internship for a few months.
I have decided to go to a scandinavian country because of a few reasons. A very practical one is that almost everybody speaks english (as apposed to mediteranean countries for example). Another one, and the most important one, is that they just have good advertising.

Since I don't know any advertising agencies in scandinavian countries I thought I'd start my research here, on adsoftheworld.
My first choice to go to next year is Iceland, because it's a completely different country from Belgium. The most different from Belgium than any other scandinavian country.

But now that I look at all the ads posted here from Iceland, I'm a bit dissapointed. There's only a small amount of ads and only 3 different agencies. And to make it even worse, you can't find these agencies websites.

So now I'm wondering, is Iceland just misrepresented? Or are they really not that good at advertising and should I choose finland instead?

Thank you for helping



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please someone help

it's important.
There must be someone who knows something about this

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First of all; kudos for trying something special. We all want unique ideas so it's very contradictory that so many creatives want the same education and want to go to the same agencies.

I think Iceland is very small and not very important in terms of international advertising, so you won't learn much professional knowledge. Try to learn some of the culture. Finland could be interesting as well, but it's all upto you.

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hm, so in terms of advertising only: iceland is not the way to go


then I think I won't be going to Iceland since learning about advertising is my main goal

I'll keep looking around then

Thanks alot! It was really important to have some insight

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Sweden is the best when it comes to advertising, especially interactive advertising.

It has been ranked the most creative country in the world.

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Yeah I was also considering Sweden. I still haven't decided yet. But that is a very good argument.
It all sounds so great!

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