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Which Creative Crowdsourcing sites have you tried and what are your reviews? Exclude logo sites like and, and Domain Naming sites like There are lots of creative crowdsourcing sites now that allow you to be a Copywriter or an Art Director working for big brands without the need to join an agency, what are your views?

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I think most of these sites are terrible. You got a hundred creatives working for a meager 1000 dollar or less. And often the organisation treats you like trash, giving no feedback or whatever, so even the learning aspect is mainly absent.

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Hello Jaap/Jack Mancer, i saw you on Edge Amsterdam also, yes mostly all are bad but some are good too, you gotta sift through it! Some of them work!

You Are What You Expect

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You Are What You Expect

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I have a client who used 99designs before they came to us.

Her feedback was that the work provided by the "entrants" was not useful. And that's what you're going to get if you pay peanuts.

If you use a professional, then they will take the time to discuss your business (in detail), and take the time to design something unique. That's what you pay for.

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