Ads and wits that got you your first agency job.

Did you have a solid book or maybe a golden tongue, perhaps both? Did you have a friend of a friend of a friend of another friend who worked at that place and knew a guy. Maybe cold calling in to submission actually worked?

Post your stories and ads and teach us (the wannabes) a thing or two on what is cool to do and what is not. I think first had experience from the members of the community is a great way to expand your knowledge and broaden your understanding.

My story

I had few interviews, went to few events and met few creative directors. Their opinions and criticism is always different. What one liked, another hated. I am currently on my 3rd book draft and still improving. Traveling keeps me motivated and helps me develop new ideas and concepts. It has been about a year, since I started on this path.

PS. I know this forum is pretty dead at times but this would help people like me ;) still hoping and working on our books and trying to score our first job in the ad industry.


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I had an online porti and no personal connections.

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Thank you for your contribution Ivan. It is always great to have your input and experience. Could you elaborate a little bit more if you have time.

Was it your first book? How long have you worked on your portfolio? What kept you motivated?

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Jaap Grolleman
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Yeah lots of people talk about networking as if it's the most important thing to get a job. I don't believe that - and I wouldn't want it. I want to be hired for my portfolio, not for being friends with the CD.

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There is definitely pride in that, and I think everyone is on the same page. But there are times when you have to use any and all means available to get your first interview or the so called foot in the door ;)

What keeps you going?

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