The quality of discussion on Ads of the world

I have to wonder why the quality of discussion is so low on this forum?

This is a very well known site and has been recommended to me countless times for the large and up-to-date database of work, but the Forums are absolutely dire.

Most topics are written in illegible English, the ads posted on the Exhibition site are mostly awful and there doesn't seem to be any input from anyone remotely connected to the top creative agencies.

To the administrators of these forums, maybe it's time to push the name out there a bit and start enticing talented young ad students from the top schools to contribute. Perhaps even have some Q&A sessions with creative directors. Anything to lift the quality of the forums.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Well thanks for ditching all my critiques on artwork, I try to do the best I can, and learning while doing it, but maybe I should stop that?

It's true that the Exhibition has been amateur hour for a while. I wouldn't know a solution right now to solve it. I know that most sane students are afraid to show their work, specially online. Or they're just plain lazy with a chronic lack of ambition (actually, I think those two are related).

Arranging Q&A's is a lot of work, I can tell. And most CD's don't have a lot of time. But perhaps contacting schools for review sessions and introducing them to AotW is a good idea, I know my school would be up for it.