Hey Guyz! I am seeking job in the field of Graphics; please help me

I am looking for a job in the field of Graphics where I would like to work as part of team or professional, which offers sound career prospectus. I have worked as a Senior Graphics Designer with several duties and currently working as a Graphics Designer / Visualiser.

My work in these field has allowed me to develop organizational, operational skills. I also gained considerable experience in roles demanding liaison with general public in a varieties of jobs ranging from promotional work to helping out in social activities.

I believe my knowledge of current trends coupled with my affinity for developing applications makes me a successful candidate for any job of Graphics Depts. If you are seeking for a person who stays abreast his field, who technically sound, and who is as career committed as it takes to achieve total success and ready to work in across cultural environment, then please consider what you to see if we can establish a mutual interest.

You can contact me on call: +91 22 9320127376 or on Email:, which is convenient for you.

Warm Regards
Zaid Ashfaq