WPP Agency in Dubai Seeks ART DIRECTOR

· Minimum of 4 years Advertising Agency Experience

· You live and breathe design and are passionate about crafting experiences on all platforms — paper, web, mobile etc.

· Excellent visual design and typographical skills

· Digital focus and trend awareness

· Your portfolio demonstrates your innovative work for top-tier brands

· You are meticulous and have a good eye for typography and small details

The standards are high, the timelines are short, and the deliverables are numerous - but the reward is great.


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Mohammed Ali Qardan
Bachelor of Graphic Design-Applied Science University

Personal information:

Date of birth: 13-9-1982
Place of Birth: Amman-Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Current address: Amman- Jordan
Marital Status: Single
Cell Number: 00962 77 925 1957
Email: de_sign_jo@hotmail.com
Portfolio: http://qardan.webs.com/

Skills & Technical Proficiency

Platforms: Mac OS 9/10, Windows XP/Me/2000.

Software Expertise: Flash; Adobe Photoshop, In-design and Illustrator; and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Trade marketing functional competencies.
Excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
Excellent planning and organizational skills
Computer literacy & Strong analytical skills as well as strategic thinking abilities
6 years experience in printing finalization/pre-press (more than 200 hours supervising at the press) press references:
-National Press (www.natpress.com)
Ahmad Al-Arja Sales Officer T ++ 962 6 4200024 Ext 75 F ++ 962 6 4200684 ahmad@natpress.com
Ihsan Hussein Head of Prepress Dept. T ++ 962 6 4200024 Ext 31 F ++ 962 6 4200684 ihsan@natpress.com
Imad Nimer Head of Printing Dept. T ++ 962 6 4200024 Ext 22 F ++ 962 6 4200684 hani@natpress.com

- Al Shouala press (issam.shabib@gmail.com) Head of Prepress Dept.

- Al shurook (www.al-shurook.com) moataz design@al-shurook.com

- Al Etihad press (ibrahim 0795600512)

-unitube (www.unitube-jo.com) shadi al saadi owner and general manager mohammadsaadi@unitube-jo.com

-Al Fanar press (www.fanarpress.com) Bandar sales and marketing manager 0795393797
sahar Head of design Dept 065150390


April 2009- till present Al Zawrae (for tobacco industry and cigaretts trading) Amman-Jordan
al qerat (Al Qerat Co. for Trading and Commercial Agencies) and Pioneer Co. (for Pharmaceutical Industries – Iraq)

Art director, design quality and printing director

• Packaging and marketing campaign designer
• Printing follow-up for molasses and cigarettes at al zawrae,
• Medicine and food industries at al qerat & Pioneer

Sept.2008- Jan. 2010 Beyond for design Amman – Jordan

Art director

• Art director for a graphic design company,
• Some of our important clients :
Radisson Blue - Tala Bay Resort.
Modern Montessori School

Aug.2008- 28 June 2009 The Modern Montessori School Amman- Jordan

• IB Art teacher.

June.2008-20 August08 Sadda for marketing and business solutions Amman – Jordan

• Senior Graphic Designer

Jan 2008- Aug.2008 Family Flavors Magazine Amman – Jordan

Art Director
• Graphic Designer
• Photographer
• Photo shooting director
• Printing follow-up and Ad’s presentations

• Create a new lay-out for the English and the Arabic magazine.
• Improved the quality for the magazine’s appearance.
• Printing follow-up and color correction

Improved my skills in deadlines delivery, and learn how to deal working under pressure

Oct.2005- Dec. 2006 Kafa’a project (USAID&AED funded project) Amman – Jordan
Graphic Designer

• Efficiently manage and coordinate design production from concept through completion.
• Work closely with clients to create vision,
• Conceive designs, and consistently meet deadlines and requirements.
• Effectively build, motivate, and direct design and production teams.
• Coordinate freelance designers,
• Consultants and vendors to meet all project requirements to create and conduct highly
• Persuasive sales and marketing presentations. Expertly convert features to benefits to achieve client objectives.
• Manage all operational, strategic, financial, quote/bid, staffing, and administrative functions.

Key Achievements:

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You don't provide any contact details? How are we supposed to send our portfolio?

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