What do you think of the way clients select creative concepts?

Fellow creative and advertising professionals,

I need your insights. Are you frustrated with the way that clients choose which idea to go forward with? Does it have an impact on the quality of the work, the results, and your life and career? Or do you feel like it works pretty well?

I'm asking for your assistance with a short (9 multiple-choice question) survey about the Creative Selection Process. Please find 30-60 seconds and register your opinion.

Take the survey at: http://jeff.gs/creativesurvey2011

Thanks in advance!

- Jeff Greenhouse


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I like your points from the question #8 - so realistic))))

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Thanks. I'm still looking for more opinions, so please respond to this survey and share with your friends in the creative & advertising industry. Thanks!

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I love Q#8. I matched 3 out of 5 :(

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We all have our ways of dealing with the process. The more we can understand about it, the better we can make it. Please invite your friends and colleagues in the industry to submit their opinions too.

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