Tigoo car of graphic


Advertising Agency:kylin,beijing,china
Creative Director: wong boling
Art: wong boling
Copywriter: hu yong
Published: November 2006

Tigoo car of graphic
Tigoo car of graphic
Tigoo car of graphic


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heu... for me only the second one could work if these cars have more powerful engines or sport cars, cause playing on the wild aspect.
how to say... cars on trees :s all that means for me : ultra light cars. i don't know if it gives safer feelings

ivan's picture

I get mixed messages from this. Are these cars like bugs? Or, these cars can reach remote places?

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nice teaser ads whats the brand again
why are they using fiat font for the tiggo?

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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i suggest you to see the 607 campagne, "Feline", sorry i didn't find the link for you ....maybe some one can find it :)

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Nice concepts. Definetly works for the first sample. The others ones are lost.

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i need one but i am not have AL money any body help me

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