10x Optical Zoom

Just an idea. Has the cross eyed idea been used before?

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Are you saying that she's zooming in so close that she's looking at her own nose? If so, I think it's definitely an idea worth playing around with, but I don't think this particular execution works because her smile made me think that she was the one being photographed.

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Yea i think you got it. The idea is this: we normally look into the lense of the camera and smile when we have our picture taken, with 10x zoom the lense gets so "close" to the face, and the person that has his/her picture taken has to cross the eyes in order to keep looking into the lense (we cross our eyes when we try to look at something that's very close to our face). I originally had 2 different ideas for this. 1 was to show the tip of the nose against the glass (lense) affect, but it has been done. My 2nd idea was to show random imperfections up close (like a pimple on the nose, or a wrinkle, or food stuck between the teeth) but thought it would look kind of stupid. I know the execution does not really work but I like the idea of crossed eyes and camera zoom...could it work with different execution? If so how?

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