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Tong and Danny


Some refer to us as a two-headed camera-wielding monster with rare powers to seize moments that range from the peculiar to the extraordinary. Then again, you can simply refer to us as Tong and Danny. We’re based in Melbourne and Sydney yet we inhabit a bizarre and inspirational wonderland where ideas are born out of the least expected sources like strip club frequenting storm troopers and vengeful mermaids.

We've diligently studied all the rules of our craft, only to break them into a million tiny pieces, sweep them into a neat pile and then mould them into our own style. Our compositions are testimony to this. They’re always different. Always fascinating. Sometimes disturbing, yet invariably beautiful. If we can think it, we can capture it. And if the concept seems impossible, well, we see that as a personal invitation to get to work.

Two heads are better than one, right?