Kids without God Campaign Launched

On Nov. 13, 2012, the American Humanist Association launched a national ad campaign to promote a new website, This new resource has been created to strengthen and support kids and teenagers who don’t happen to believe in a god. Online display ads will be running throughout the Google network, Youtube, as well as on Cheezburger sites, Pandora, Reddit and Facebook. (Disney and National Geographic Kids turned down our ads based on content.) The campaign also includes interior and exterior bus ads in Washington, DC and a billboard in Moscow, ID.


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The American Humanist Association has really done a great job much appreciated. It a great campaign for kids teenagers to learn about science, humanity values & critical thinking.

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Darwin the Dog? Not very creative, and the character looks like it's drawn in Paint, and the sound of it all is terribly patronizing, if i would be a teen or a tween i wouldn't bother, and i guess those and their parents should be the target audience, not 4 year old kids, i don't think these struggle with questions about faith and atheism. It just feels and looks very amateurish. Despite all that - i hope it does what it was intended for, apparently being an atheist is still a big deal to some people, which is sad since it's such a basic decision in life.

Better luck next time, but thanks so much for trying.

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This website for children is great. I strongly believe that there are children who does not even know Jesus Christ the creator and saviour of the world. With this website I know kids would love this wherein they will know that God exist and that God loves them. It is important that little children should be taught with this principle to believe and have faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.