Global climate change awareness advertising

This post is a cry out for help. For your help as a communication professional.

Just a year ago many disputed whether global climate change or as some call it global warming is a reality or not. Nowadays, it is fully accepted fact. This is thanks to all the education that has been done through different forms of media including advertising. We are making progress.

Currently it is still debated whether it is caused by man made activity or not. I personally have no doubt that humans made a huge impact on CO2 emissions.

The only solution to this problem is lifestyle change. We have to change the way we live, so we can reduce our green house gas emissions. This can be done literally thousands of ways. From doing a carpool with your colleagues to get to work, to using a rope instead of a dryer to dry your clothes.

Besides doing our own part to save the earth on a small scale, we need to support science that will eventually provide us with solutions and vote for politicians who put such issues on their agenda.

Most importantly, we as communicators have a huge opportunity and responsibility here to help this cause with what we do best. Mass communication. We have the power to convey messages that will convince people to change their lifestyle on a mass scale.

It can be done. We've saved the panda, and stopped the ozone hole. Now, we have another huge issue at hand.

In this post I compiled a big collection of advertisements that call for action. Hopefully this will inspire you and many of you advertising professionals will dedicate their time and efforts to create campaigns that inform and educate about this crucial issue.

I encourage you to make awareness campaigns. And spread the ones that has already been created. Email this call for action, blog it, talk about it with your colleagues. Make a positive global impact.


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good idea,i like

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I think that these are great campaigns! Maybe it's time now we start focusing more on solutions and how everyone being on this planet can make a difference...?

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awesome!!! gr8 job...

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I completely agree, a great article. These campaigns really do make you think and more needs to be done to spread messages like these. It should also not just be non governmental organisations too. More needs to be done to as Missmouse has said above to portray information on how to make lifestyle changes also.

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Fabulous, I am impressed

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Readers are invited to check their ecological footprint at

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only one word "GREAT"

Thanks and Regards

Murli Thatipamula

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great work!

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This is one seriously good article. The pictures state all that has been said. I am of no doubt the effect the industrial era has had on our health and our planet. Reverse, we must!