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I've added a function, so that you can easily send any page you think your friend or collegue may find interesting by clicking the email this page link at the bottom of any page. Hope you will this feature useful.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about Ads of the World.

WOW -Thanks!

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate all the kind comments and encouragement. Seems like many of us share the passion for quality ads. We've got more than 15 thousand unique hits in the first 5 days of operation.

I never expected such a positive response in such a short time. I'm very grateful for all the material that has been sent. Keep it coming. If you come accross a smart ad, think of AotW.

Pygmalion effect

You must have heard of the Million Dollar Home Page by now. A 21 year old English guy had an awesome idea to create a medium that is a venue in itself. He's simply selling space on a web page 1$/pixel as advertising space. He has got 1 million pixels to sell, therefore he is planning to make 1 million dollars of advertising money on his webpage. The novelty of the idea draws traffic. And, like an accident on the road - traffic drives more traffic. And, where there is traffic - advertising space can be sold. It's a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you were wondering if he can make it, well he already sold 4% of the space, which made him 40 thousand american dollars. His site made into several blogs and even C|net. As the ultimate sign of success - he got a copycats: The Zero Dollar Homepage, Twenty Thousand Dollar Homepage, The Million Dollar Web, Million Euro Homepage, One Million Pixels and Million Penny Homepage. The ball is rolling and money is flowing.

Moral of the story. You can indeed make one million dollars with a 500 USD investment in the advertising business. All you need is a BIG IDEA!

Squashing bugs

Thank you all for reporting bugs. I've managed to fix a few, but I still have 1 major thing to do:

1. The upload is limited to 2MB, which is obviously too small for movies. I have to bump it to 20MB. I'm not sure if this is a php or Apache issue.

The upload limit has been raised to 7MB.

2. Win/IE and Win/FF displays the front page incorrectly.

I got rid of the details on the front page and bring the thumbs closer to each other vertically. I feel you get a much better overview of many thumbs at the same time, so you get a quick idea of what's new. Hovering over the thumbs will give you a note with the title. Hope it works for you.

3. Right sidebar goes over images in narrow windows.

Removed the right sidebar to give more space for the images on screens at 800px wide.

4. In Windows IE on the front page the right sidebar sometimes overlaps the main content. Weird CSS bug. Thanks for all the help on how to fix it. Working on it.

Managed to fix this issue by adding a conditional CSS for IE only. The layout is fixed (not fluid) for IE, but at least it works. I feel this is a clean solution and will be easy to update once IE7 comes out.

If you find something else please let me know!

Welcome to AotW


Ivan, that would be me.

Thank you for checking out Ads of the World. Let me say a few words about this project.


I always wanted a site that has an ever growing library of ads that is well organized and searchable by keywords. I really like and check out often the Lürzers Archive and read several Advertising blogs (I will post them all here later on). I also wanted to discuss ads, advertising trends and techniques with collegues around the world. I wanted a site that is free and community driven. There are many that can provide several of these things, but not any that has it all. So, I decided to try to set up a site like that myself.


Yes. It's still in Beta, so feel free to report any bugs. I know IE doesn't play well with the front page. Will work on it, until then get yourself a decent modern browser such as Firefox or Safari.

Please check out the about page to read about what the different parts of the site are all about.