Nissan responds to Vine spoof

Nissan is one of the only auto brands on Vine. In response to a fan Vine spoof of the Nissan "Executive Carpool" commercial, Nissan North America today released their response to the fan Vine, chopping the original commercial down to a 6-second Vine version.

Fan Vine Spoof:

Nissan Vine:

How classic ads might look in the social media era

Dublin-based advertising creative and copywriter Eoin Conlon has revamped a series of classic ads to bring them “up-to-date” with the social media era. Re-working iconic ads from companies like Volkswagen, Rolls-Royce and Apple, he imagined how they will look like if social media networks like Facebook and Twitter were available in the past. Turning the print ads into 140 characters long tweets, interactive ads and Facebook sponsored posts, he shows how high-tech is not always better when it comes to advertising. For instance, Apple’s memorable “1984” ad would not have made quite as much of an impact if it has been presented as an annoying YouTube pre-roll ad—viewers would probably have missed it by clicking on the “Skip Ad” option.

Ads of the World Jobs

One of the most requested feature by Ads of the World members was a job board exclusively for advertising professionals. Today we are launching a Beta version of the AotW Jobs section.

If you are an employer looking for a creative/advertising professional you can post the job by providing a few basic pieces of information including a link to a job posting on your own site and optionally more details. Job postings remain on the site for 4 weeks. The system provides two ways to find the perfect candidate. Applications and a feature called Auto Match. Immediately after posting the job you will see a list of potential applicants from our membership who may be interested for the job, this is what we call the Auto Match. Creatives can also apply manually to the jobs by providing details about themselves. You can sort these applications and shortlist the best applications to find the few candidates you want to contact for more information or an interview.

Ads of the World is ranked as No.1 marketing blog in the world by Adage. We have over a million monthly visitors, over 200,000 Facebook and 100,000 Twitter followers. If you're an employer who wants to reach creatives from all around the world post your job here:

As a creative looking for a job you can apply to a posted job by providing a few simple details including a link to your portfolio and optionally uploading a couple images or videos representing you work. Applications are only visible to the employer who posted the job, so you do not have to be afraid that your current employers would find out you are applying for a new job. If you want appear in the Auto Match listings make sure to click the Available for Job offers checkbox in your AotW account.

Let me know your suggestions and report any bugs you may find so we can fix them quickly.

Fallon creatives Peck and O'Leary follow Damman to Carmichael Lynch

Ryan Peck and Scott O'Leary today joined Carmichael Lynch in the role of creative directors. The agency’s recent new business wins have prompted a surge of high-profile hires by chief creative officer and managing partner Dave Damman. The pair joins Goodby Silverstein recruit Marty Senn, who arrived in January as executive creative director. During their 15-year career at Fallon, Peck and O’Leary created breakthrough campaigns for everything from Travelers Insurance to H&R Block. They are the team behind numerous award-winning efforts, including Cannes Lions, One Show Pencils and Effies. "Carmichael Lynch is in an aggressive growth phase, and that's creating prime opportunities for top creatives," says Damman. "Ryan and Scott are just the kind of leaders we're after. Smart, talented and really nice guys."

Ads of the World visited from the International Space Station

See country No.3 in this screenshoot of a live Google Analytics page which shows the locations where Ads of the World is visited from. This is of course one of several Google's April Fool's Day's activaitions. See more here:

The story of the controversial Ford Figo campaign by JWT India

You must have heard by now about the Ford Figo ads by JWT India that created quite a commotion for a campaign that probably never run. Several people asked me what exactly happened, so I though I should write down the events from my perspective and my opinion about the campaign as well.

A few days ago the ads the Ford Figo ads were submitted to AotW by JWT India's creative team. It's not the first time I posted controvercial ads, will not be the last either. Advertising is always pushing the boundaries of what's socially acceptable.

The campaign was reblogged from dozens of sources within an hour mostly with a negative tone.

A day or so later the creatives sent me half a dozen emails asking to remove the ads. I did even though our rules specifically say that all ads must be approved by client and agency beforehad and we do not remove the ads. I only made an exceptions in this case because the situation seem to have threatened the jobs of the creatives.

But it was too late at this point. The use of politicians, celebrities, gagged sexy girl illustrations and the kidnapping situation screamed scandal. The media loved it.

Almost nobody took the campaign as a joke as it was intended to be. Humor is very different in various places.

I lived and worked in many places of the world. Sometimes what's funny in Asia comes off as crude and insensitive in the West as it happened in this case. And some Western jokes sound stupid and not funny at all in Asia. Australian black humor can be offensive to Americans. And the fart and burp jokes of America are just seem plain disgusting in Europe. People laugh hard if somebody stumbles in Asia, in other parts of the world people feel for the person.

I remember an awkward situation where an European friend of mine tried to tell jokes and I was struggling to translate the puns to a few Chinese guys. After the pun they were expecting the story to continue. There is nothing worse than explaining why a joke is funny.

I feel in India (and correct me if I'm wrong) the celebrities and politicians portrayed in the campaign are seen as only comical characters, not as integral players of the society. These same people are frequently made fun of in cartoons in major newspapers. The creatives and the management who approved the creative meant no harm. But there is a fine line that evidently the Indian creatives didn't feel well enough. In America the suggestion of sexual exploation with criminal intent and kidnapping is no laughing matter in any context. It's simply not acceptable. And, I agree with this sentiment too even if I understand where the creators were coming from.

The story blew up. A day or so later I saw that the campaign posted literally on hundreds of sites all over the world. Even TV stations including large ones like Fox news ran reporst on the story. At the same time I received emails from readers complaining about the fact that the ads are missing from AotW and accusing me of censoring material. I decided to email the JWT creative team back saying that since the work is now visible literally on hundreds of sites the removal from AotW serves no purpose anymore and therefore I put the creative back on the site.

Few hours later I got a call from JWT New York PR asking to remove the work yet again. I argued that the best course of action to mitigate the problem is to be honest about the situation. I suggested to keep the work on the site and make it clear that it's was not approved by Ford or JWT. But JWT insisted it had to removed to prevent any further damage. They also issued correcting statements to online publications. I complied with their request and I removed the campaign again.

Later I learned that the campaign was indeed approved by JWT management and in it was even submitted to an award show before it was sent to Ads of the World. In result of this whole fallout JWT swiftly removed creative head Bobby Pawar and also disassembled the creative team.

From the creative's perspective they were trying to create ads that stand out and people take notice, perhaps chuckle a bit. They surely didn't anticipate or wanted such worldwide reaction. I'm sorry to see their careers are affected in this way.

The agency had no choice in the matter. They had to do everything possible to convince their $2 billion Ford client that such a communication misstep would not be tolerated within the agency. And they did the right thing, they were on top of the issue and apologized immediately.

Ford will come out of this situation ok. The brand name Ford Figo has been mentioned in many places, the exposure can be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars easily. People will forget the offensive nature of the ads and they will not blame Ford for it as it was reported as a fail from the agency's side.

The agency's reputation will not be harmed. People will only remember them for being mentioned in mainstream news. Scandals are how upcoming pop stars reach celebrity status. It works the same way for companies and brands too. If your essential product like in the case of JWT and Ford is good such events will not ruin you reputation only direct a bit of attention you way.

I frequently reject ads that are offensive in some way or another. Perhaps I should've bounced these ads this time as well. But it probably would not have made much difference as the campaign would've leaked to the media through the award show or another blog anyway. My consolation is that I have received dozens of emails from creatives over the years who thanked me for the publicity they got through Ads of the World as it contributed to their career in some significant way. Several students found jobs and seasoned creatives got promotions or job offers apparently as a direct consequence of their work being posted on Ads of the World.

What is the learning from all of this? The world is becoming increasingly smaller. If you post something publicly on the internet it can be replicated in a very short amount of time. Mass media picks up stories from social media and blogs. Once something is out it's impossible to contain it. Think twice about how your ad will be perceived in different cultures of the world. Turn this phenomena to your advantage. Do an ad that goes viral for a good reason.

'Stay hungry. Stay foolish.'

Advertising is the greatest art form of the 20th century

Herbert Marshall McLuhan, CC (July 21, 1911 – December 31, 1980) was a Canadian philosopher of communication theory. His work is viewed as one of the cornerstones of the study of media theory, as well as having practical applications in the advertising and television industries.

McLuhan is known for coining the expressions the medium is the message and the global village, and for predicting the World Wide Web almost thirty years before it was invented.

The making of Orangina Statistics campaign

Check out the making of the latest Orangina spots Pigeon and Cannon ball by Fred & Farid's creative team Gian Carlo and Rolando, and directed by Glue Society (Gary Freedman).

About Gian Carlo & Rolando: The Peruvian duo started their career at Saatchi & Saatchi Peru, where they won the first ever Future Lions in Cannes. Then they moved to Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore working with Andy Greenaway, Juggi Ramakrishnan and Michael Rebelo, on clients like Guinness, Sony Ericsson and P&G. After two years in Singapore they moved to Amsterdam to work at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, where they created global digital work for Coca-Cola. After a few years at W+K, they packed their bags and changed neighborhoods to join Bsur Amsterdam, working for former Singapore CD Jason Schragger, where they were the leading team on the global MINI account. There, they were responsible for the global launch of the MINI Countryman and The MINI Coupe. This multi-awarded team joined Fred & Farid Paris-Shanghai in September 2012.

Ads of the World January 2013 Winners

Best Film

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Child of the ‘90s


Cherkashin meat factory: Thanks advertising


Planet Fitness: Hot


Best Print

Yoga Shelter: Heavenly Yoga

Gold OMG


World For All: Train


Best Ambient

Kit Kat: Free No-WiFi Zone


Hot Wheels: Hot Wheels My Ride


British Airways: Barcode Reader


Best Outdoor

VSM: Nature’s firework, 2


Just Cremations: No Fuss, Dog


Harbour Surfboards: Benny


Best Online

Be brave, be safe: Blind


Webchutney: Peeloo - When nature comes calling


Samsung Ecobubble Washing Machine: Huge Bear Surprises Crew


Best DM

Kamasutra Condoms: Kamalounge Flip Coasters


Andrew Murray Roofing: Business Card


DHL Express: The Imported Ad


The Most Truthful iPad Ad Ever

CONAN Highlight: Finally, Apple comes clean about how most people use their tablets: porn.

'Game Of Thrones' ad in The New York Times

A newspaper takeover ad in The New York Times for TV series Game of Thrones featuring the shadow of a dragon. HBO bought 2 full pages. All the articles are related to the show.

Reinvent Olay Pro-X

The “Reinvent Olay Pro-X!” contest by Procter & Gamble is a design competition which allows community members and fans of Olay products to submit and share innovative ideas for new Pro-X products, redesign its packaging and transform the way the Olay Pro-X story is told. Any form of creative designs are welcome, including visual designs, drawings, photos and 3D renderings.

HYVE, the agency behind the campaign have set up the platform as well as the contest at to call on all designers, customers, hobby creatives, and fans of Olay, asking them to participate in the contest by the submission of their innovative ideas. Furthermore, the best ideas will get the chance to win prizes up to €5000, gift baskets and vouchers for their contribution. The contest started on February 11, and closes on March 25, 2013. The contest is open to residents of the United States and Canada.

Advertising Icon George Lois to receive 2013 CLIO Lifetime Achievement Award

The CLIO Awards, among the world’s most recognized international advertising, design and communications competitions, today announced that legendary adman George Lois will receive this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He will be honored May 15th at the 54th annual CLIO Awards ceremony at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai appoints Leo Chu as Regional Head of Digital

Leading independent advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai (W+K) announced today a new addition to its Digital Team. W+K welcomes Leo Chu as Regional Head of Digital from Tribal DDB Shanghai, where he was Managing Director, charged with building senior client relationships and driving digital innovation and strategy. He comes with extensive marketing experience in Greater China and the US spanning across industries from financial services, online gaming to FMCG.

“Leo and I spent a lot of time discussing this role and I can't wait to see what happens when we combine his seasoned digital leadership with our die-hard focus on the work. I think we are going to have a lot of fun and clients are going to really value the work that comes out of it. We believe in the power of creativity to transform businesses in China, this marks another step along that path” said Jason White, Managing Director of W+K Shanghai.

Google SEA campaign for Volkswagen

A new way of advertising on Google

A group of graduates of the Willem de Kooning Academy are taking Google's Search Engine Optimization to a whole new level. They came up with Search Engine Advertising, which means that they are turning Google into a unique advertising medium. With the help of hardcore SEO-craftmanship it's now possible to display a complete ad in the image search results.

'We've created this Search Engine Advertising campaign for Volkswagen during our third year in advertising, and we're now talking with interesting parties to get this idea into production.' Everyday millions of people are searching for products and brands on Google, and what could be best than an image to get the picture? If Google is the place to advertise yourself, then Search Engine Advertising is just the right tool to do it.

The SEA Team: Guus ter Beek, Alwin Lanting, Pim van Bommel, Qreativ.

Poetica Signs Director Douglas Purver

Purver possesses the distinct ability to use VFX to drive a powerful narrative, creating and implementing a lush and textural signature style that defines his work. However, while Douglas’ keen and inventive eye for visual effects is an ingrained feature of his output, he has also written and directed a live-action short, “Omar & His Skyhook” – a vivid and striking film which traveled the world on the festival circuit and earned him a spot in SHOOT Magazine‘s New Directors Showcase.

“I was immediately drawn to Douglas’ work,” says Managing Director Rachelle Madden. “His unique visual storytelling style is a perfect combination with Poetica’s team of VFX and CG artists, and this collaboration is bound to produce delightful results. I look forward to seeing this creative partnership evolve.”

The breadth of Purver’s commercial work has captivated audiences and garnered industry praise across the board for powerful visuals and expert execution. This reputation has already lead to work with brands such as Nokia, Sprint, Audi, Nike, and collaborations with some of the biggest agencies including, TBWA\Chiat\Day, Grey, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, and Wieden+Kennedy.

“Poetica has assembled a team that is committed to maintaining a high standard and continuing to grow,” says Purver. “With all of the talent they house under one roof, it gives me the freedom to concept and create with complete confidence in our collaboration and execution. They are precise in their operations but with the closeness of family and I’m happy to be joining them.”

The Rise of Paid Social Ads: Completing the Integrated Ad Approach

Amid the flourishing social media environment, marketers are increasingly viewing paid social media advertising as an integrated part of their marketing tool kits. According to a recent report by Vizu, a Nielsen company, the majority of advertisers say they use paid social media advertising in conjunction with other online and offline advertising (66% and 51%, respectively). Only 5% of advertisers report running primarily social-only campaigns. Social media advertising uses unique tactics—such as sponsored content, brand graphs and influencing the influencers—that have grown to become standard aspects of any integrated campaign.

When asked which online tactics they typically run their paid social media advertising alongside, advertisers’ top three responses were: online display (83%), online video (46%) and mobile (40%). In the offline world, advertisers said they combined their paid social media ads with print (52%), followed by TV (37%).

Not only do brand marketers run paid social media advertising as part of their integrated campaigns, they’re also using it primarily as a branding tool instead of a direct response tactic. Nearly half (45%) of advertisers say they use paid social media advertising for branding, such as raising awareness and influencing brand opinions. Just 16 percent say their efforts are primarily direct response-related, including driving product trails and site visits.

“With paid social media advertising on the rise, it’s no surprise that marketers are beginning to look for true measures of return on investment to justify their investment,” said Jeff Smith, SVP, Product Leadership for Advertising Effectiveness, Nielsen. “And with paid social ads increasingly part of integrated, branding-related campaigns, there is real demand for metrics that are consistent with what they’ve used for other media, such as brand lift and sales lift.”

Aéro Film Welcomes Esteemed Writer-Director David Mamet

David Mamet, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Academy Award-nominated film writer/director, has signed on with Aéro Film for commercial representation. Renowned throughout the industry for such critically acclaimed classics as “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, “Glengarry Glen Ross” and “Hoffa”, and legendary within theater circles, Mamet will add his singular voice and storytelling prowess to the already versatile Aéro team.

“David is a creative force that brings a wealth of talent and experience to our clientele,” says Executive Producer Lance O’Connor. “We’ve admired his career for longer than we can remember and we can’t wait to work with him going forward.”

This creative representation allows him to explore commercial projects reminiscent of his 2007 Ford spots while continuing his film and theater work. “David is incredibly versed in those other formats and we feel that as the line between Hollywood, Broadway, and advertising continues to blur, Aéro has to evolve as well,” explains O’Connor. “We have no doubt that with time and dedication, we can help David grow in the way he wants to grow and create compelling advertising.”

“Filmmaking is The Big Doll House. It is the world’s best fun, the unwritten proviso regarding repayment is: do the best you can,” stated Mamet. “Commercials are particularly intriguing. Whether or not they are art I can’t say; but they certainly are drama.” Mamet joins Aéro Film’s already illustrious and talented pool of directors, including “Girl, Interrupted” and “Walk the Line” director James Mangold, along with a host of producers, cinematographers, VFX specialists, and editors. His upcoming HBO Films biopic “Phil Spector”, starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren, will debut this March.

The Lift Mx brings on board young director Tino De La Huerta

The Lift Mx, the Mexican production company headed by Avelino Rodríguez, brought some fresh blood to its roster of directors, by bringing on board Tino De La Huerta. This young Mexican director began his career in 2011 shooting the first campaign for Calvin Klein outside the United States. He also worked on the campaign for Amnesty International Mexico, who chose him once again for this job in 2013, so it will be his first work with The Lift Mx. After graduating from New School in New York, he became a creative director at Mexican and Spanish advertising agencies.

Social media's top 10 most favorite ads

Check out social media's pick of Top 10 ads on Ads of the World.
Click the images to watch the videos or see the ads in larger size.

No. 1: MCAC: Rhian Touches Herself

No. 2: Andes Beer: Teletransporter

No. 3: Volkswagen: The Force

No. 4: Sony Playstation: Victor

No. 5: Mercedes Benz: Left Brain - Right Brain, Paint

No. 6: ISPCC: Growing Up

No. 7: Langara College: Rethink scholarship

No. 8: Durex: Father's day

No. 9: It's a boy card

No. 10: Aides: Graffiti

Ads of the World December 2012 winners

Best Film

Alzheimer Society of BC: Brain Scan


KFC Happy Holidays: Nephews


Axe: Morning After Pillow


Best Print

The Cape Times: William


Baytekin Technical Equipments, Garmin Navigation System: Wrong trail, 1


Mizuno Pro Runner 15: Muscle, 2


Best Ambient

Oi: Magical Payphone


Febelfin: Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'

Silver Touch The Sound


Best Outdoor

ATSS Burglar Alarm System: God


Seat Leon Formula Racing: End of the World


Sprint: Unlimited Love Billboard


Best Online

SPCA / Mini: Meet Porter


TomTom: (Almost) Makes A Viral


Miele Vacuum Cleaner: Tunnel


Best DM

Hot Wheels: Don't drink & drive key chains


Apollo Eye Clinic: Eye Chart


Reynaers Aluminium: Christmas Card


The film The Bear by BETC Paris for Canal+ is the most awarded TV commercial in the world EVER

The Gunn Report is an annual publication, ranking the world’s most creative ad agencies and their work and is an absolute reference in the world of advertising. The 2012 edition, released today, reveals that BETC’s ad “The Bear” for Canal+ is not only the world’s most awarded in 2012 but also the most awarded TV ad ever in the Gunn Report. In 2010, “The Closet” (Canal+) from BETC reached the no. 1 position in the Gunn Report, as the first French ad ever to do so. Now, only two years later BETC establishes its position as a true benchmark in terms of creativity and business in the advertising industry. BETC was the 8th most awarded agency in 2012 and is one of only 9 agencies in the world (and the only French one) to have made the top 50 table for 10 years in a row.

Globally, Cinema and Internet Ad Spend Are on the Rise

Ad spending rose 3.3 percent year-over-year, from January to September 2012, according to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report. Though advertisers continue to spend the most on television ads, Internet and cinema ad spend grew the most during the period at 7.7 percent and 9.2 percent, respectively.


Display Internet advertising benefited from budget increases by advertisers in the financial, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and telecommunications categories. Telecommunications companies, which saw the greatest percentage increase in advertising spend for the year-to-date, increased their display Internet ad investments by more than 25 percent during the period. Display Internet advertising even increased in Western Europe’s beleaguered advertising market, rising 9 percent during the first three quarters of 2012. In fact, display advertising was the sole media type to experience spending growth in the region.


Cinema advertising is resurging in Asia Pacific, as advertisers seize the opportunity to engage a captive audience. Third-quarter regional ad spending spiked a remarkable 54.7 percent, contributing to a 12.3 percent global jump. Other markets, such as Latin America and Europe, reported year-over-year declines (-5.5% and -4.5%, respectively) in cinema ad spending.


Television advertising’s 4.3 percent year-to-date rise marked an increase from 3.1 percent for the first half of the year. Double-digit growth in North American Q3 spending (13.6%) led the overall growth. With a 61.8 percent share of spend in all media types, television’s ad spend growth underscores television’s standing as the predominant communication medium for advertisers.


Magazines were the only media type to experience a decrease in ad spending (-1.3%) from January to September 2012, and newspapers experienced little change (0.8%) over the period. Comparing Q3 2012 to Q3 2011, both types of print media saw a decrease in ad spend: 1.8 percent for magazines and 0.6 percent for newspapers. Though the Asia Pacific region increased its investment in magazine advertising (up 5.3% YTD)–supported by key markets, like China (+10.6%) and Japan (+3.8%)–advertisers in both North America (-3.2%) and Europe (-6.8%) reduced their ad budgets for magazines.

Arnold WW Welcomes New Director of Integrated Production

New York, NY – January 23, 2013 -- Arnold Worldwide is proud to announce that David Fisher has joined the New York office as Director of Integrated Production. In this role, Fisher will be responsible for developing and driving a more integrated approach to production and how it contributes to the broader Arnold vision of delivering game-changing work for its clients. In this newly created position, he will report to Aaron Griffiths and John Staffen, ArnoldNYC’s Co-Chief Creative Officers.

“My recent experience working with David reminded me that true creative freedom is only possible when you have ruthlessly imaginative execution," said Griffiths. “Our goal is to constantly deliver better work and achieve better results for our clients. And as a battle-tested, highly awarded addition to our team, we're confident David will add significant momentum toward that goal.”

A polished and multi-talented professional, Fisher most recently served as Executive Producer / Production Director at TBWA\CHIAT\DAY. While there, some of his best known work includes the Emmy-nominated spot for McDonald’s, “Baby,” and the Absolut short film, "I'm Here" directed by Spike Jonze. The Absolut film opened the Sundance Film Festival and won a gold lion at the Cannes Film Festival.

Prior to TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, Fisher served as Broadcast Producer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners for clients including Hyundai, Sprint, Nintendo, HP, Frito-Lay and Comcast. He has also held key roles at Y&R, and began his award-winning career at Beaucoup Chapeaux in New York. Fisher earned his B.A. in Business from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Ads of the World November 2012 winners

Best Film

Good Books: Havana Heat


BGH: Summer Hater


Canon: Inspired


Best Print

Musée de la Grande Guerre: Experience, 7


Maxam: Civilization, Egypt


Ukraine International Airlines: Statues


Best Ambient

Sony Xperia: Soda Stunt


Microsoft Windows 8: Fast and fun


Jeep: Wash Stencil


Best Outdoor

Mercedes-Benz Transporter: Danger Doesn't Announce Itself, Deer


Barack Obama: Our Work is Not Done


Lighting Warehouse: Burnt light bulb bus stop


Best Online

Metro: Dumb Ways to Die


Google Translate: Music Translate


John St: BUYRAL Professional Clicking


Best DM

Rashers: Halloween Bacon


Baywood Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal: Business card


Bronx Skate Store: Business card


Statement from the LIVESTRONG Foundation

AUSTIN, Texas – Jan. 17, 2013 – The LIVESTRONG Foundation issued the following statement in response to Lance Armstrong’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“We at the LIVESTRONG Foundation are disappointed by the news that Lance Armstrong misled people during and after his cycling career, including us. Earlier this week, Lance apologized to our staff and we accepted his apology in order to move on and chart a strong, independent course. We look forward to devoting our full energy to our mission of helping people not only fight and survive cancer, but also thrive in life after cancer.

GANT Rugger celebrates the American fashion blogger abroad in its latest campaign

GANT Rugger is dedicating its Spring 2013 collection and campaign to a new muse, or rather, muses: a group of young American media wunderkinds traveling in Italy.

The group, what GANT creative director Chris Bastin christened “#TEAMAMERICANO,” serves as the inspiration of the collection and will star in the related campaign, dropping on on January 16, 2013.

“Some companies have used real guys—even bloggers—for their campaigns, but it’s not like we started with the idea of ‘let’s use bloggers in our ads,’” explains Bastin. “They served as the inspiration for the whole collection; using them for the campaign was just a natural second step.”

GANT Rugger’s Spring 2013 collection takes us to Florence, Italy in June when the menswear cognoscenti are summed to Pitti Uomo. Don’t call it a mere tradeshow. Ostensibly a marketplace, Pitti is just as much a global congress of style attended by effortlessly debonair Italian guys, the imitators, salespeople, buyers, clothes geeks, revered fashion magazine editors and, of course, the bloggers.

“Everyone tries to be chill about it, but Pitti is really menswear’s moment; it’s ultimate clubhouse,” Bastin explained. “Guys put their best foot forward. This season I wanted to create that feeling, but through an American lens.”

Team Americano itself is a group of six American guys: Sean Hotchkiss, writer, photographer and adventurer; Zeph Colombatto, writer and social media professional; Gabe Alonso, photographer; Noah Emrich, editor and author; Lawrence Schlossman; and photographer Justin Chung.

“These guys all have great and unique style,” added Bastin. “They wear clothes in their own way. I wanted to capture that spirit in the collection.”

Arnold WW Welcomes Director of Creatives Services from Grey

Arnold Worldwide is pleased to announce that Lia Armatas joins the agency as Director of Creative Services in the New York office today. Lia will work across all clients as an interdepartmental liaison and will be instrumental in building talent resourcing methodologies and maintaining organizational structure in the Creative Department. She will work closely with Aaron Griffiths and John Staffen, ArnoldNYC’s Co-Chief Creative Officers.

“As we continue to define ourselves creatively, we’re excited to welcome a new talent like Lia,” said Griffiths. “Her naturally creative instincts and valuable experience working within a burgeoning creative culture will help us deliver better and better work for our growing roster of clients.”

Lia joins Arnold from Grey Group, where most recently, she served as Creative Resource Manager. Previously, as Project Manager, she led creative development for a range of clients including E*TRADE, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, LongHorn Steakhouse, and Pringles. She is most proud of her contribution as an integral member of the E*TRADE Financial Super Bowl team in both 2011 and 2012, as well as Grey New York's Cannes Lion wins for Canon, DirecTV, Febreze, and the NFL, among others. Lia played a key role in helping secure significant new business wins for Grey, which include Marriott Hotels and Radio Shack. She earned her B.A. In English at Providence College in Rhode Island.

"Arnold is in an exciting phase of client and creative growth,” Armatas said. “I am thrilled to be contributing to agency culture and helping lead the push to elevate creative talent and output at its core. Nurturing this department will be my main focus.”

An impressive array of recent new business wins including Fab, American Eagle Outfitters, University of Phoenix, Kohler Inc., and Sovereign/Santander coupled with global expansion are enabling the agency to continue to tap top talent across a diverse mix of disciplines.

In addition to Lia, over the last several months the shop has brought in other top creative talent including: Paul Stechschulte, Executive Creative Director for Arnold Amsterdam; Aaron Griffiths, Co-Chief Creative Officer, Sergio Flores, Creative Director, and Tristan Kincaid, Creative Director, at ArnoldNYC, and in Boston, Peter Johnson, Group Creative Director; Craig Miller as Creative Director and Erik Enberg as Creative Director.

The Agency Pronunciation Guide

Do you sometimes struggle when contacting agencies, worried about getting their names right? With so many unusual names and logos, it can be tricky. This easy-to-use guide gives you the 100% correct way to say agency names. Make sure you never mispronounce again with this handy guide.

Global Ad Spending Rises 4.3% in Q3 2012

The global advertising market saw healthy growth during the third quarter of 2012, according to Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report. Spending was up 4.3 percent over Q3 2011, to $139 billion. This gain outpaced the 2.7 percent growth seen in the first half of 2012.

An influx in advertising investments drove growth in the Middle East and Africa (up 18.9% YTD), as well as in North America. The North American market showed a 5 percent increase through September, bolstered by an impressive 10.2 percent increase during Q3. In North America, both the automotive and industry and services categories increased by double digits year-over-year, for both the year-to-date and Q3. The industry and services category includes political ads, a big spend area leading up to the U.S. presidential election.

“Growth in global ad spend accelerated in Q3.The Olympics, a major media event in all parts of the world, and the U.S. presidential election helped drive investment up,” said Randall Beard, global head, advertiser solutions for Nielsen. “We’ll be watching carefully to see if the growth was sustained in Q4 and into 2013, or if there’s a dip in comparison to this year.”

Ad spend also grew in the Asia Pacific region, reporting a 2.7 percent increase in ad spend for the year-to-date through September and a 3.5 percent increase for Q3. Ad spend for the region was supported by the recovery of China’s advertising market, which showed positive ad-spending trends in Q3 (up 3.1%) after two consecutive quarters of decline.

Western Europe, which reported a 2.7 percent decrease in year-over-year ad spending during the first half of 2012, saw deeper Q3 cuts in advertising (-4.8%), as advertisers watched their budgets carefully due to ongoing economic instability. This decline contributed to a year-to-date decrease of 3.4 percent in Europe.

Via: nielsen

Don't Drink & Drive this New Year's Eve

Check out these advertisements from around the world warning against drunk driving during the holidays. Do yourself and the people around you a favor: Don't Drink & Drive!

MNB (Hungarian National Bank) Educational Videos

An educational video about financial stability featuring Adam Kun, pro bmx flatland rider and professional skateboarders.

Advertising Agency: Akcio360, Budapest, Hungary
Production company: Umbrella
Director: Luka Kostil
Aired: October 2012

12 Days of Holiday Misery

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s the worst job in the agency! It’s the dreaded agency Holiday Card! Call us Scrooges, but there’s no tougher assignment out there as far as we’re concerned. Since misery loves company, we invite you to join us for a 12 day peek into what it takes to get to the idea. Check out the videos here:

Take a creative ride

Pixride is a creative inspiration tool that gives you random inspiring images to kick start a brainstorming session.


Each time you press the “Ride!” button Pixride automatically gathers dozens of images from various designer—oriented websites and randomly provides you with super—fast visual boost.

Each user can either enjoy browsing the latest and most inspiring pictures, or suggest his new favorite site to be added to the Pixride database.

Behind the project is an ideas company Boroda Project.

“We’ve developed this project for ourselves, first and foremost,” says one of the developers, Arina Avdeeva. “There are more and more sites out there to get designer inspiration from; there is simply not enough time to browse through all these bookmarks. What we have created is a pictures aggregator of sorts, making it convenient to quickly check out what’s new in visual design.”

Pixride is not simply an picture aggregator, though; it offers a new way of viewing and browsing pictures on the web for anyone who is involved in graphic design.

ilovedust draws for Cheil UK's Pinterest job board

Cheil UK has come up with an innovative solution to recruiting the best talent in the business.

The agency has teamed up with ilovedust, the design studio du jour for brands including Nike, Kidrobot, Coca-Cola, Levi's and Pepsi, to create images that best epitomises the vacant role and pinned them onto their Job Board on Pinterest. Clicking on the illustration will take the viewer onto Cheil UK’s LinkedIn site, where the serious business of applying for the role begins. At the end of the recruitment process, the successful candidate will then be given a signed framed print of the appropriate illustration on their first day at Cheil.

See Cheil’s Pinterest job board here:

"Bolt Gold" Nissan GT-R Charity Auction

Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, is taking his passion for speed and performance, and his desire to help others, and applying them to charity. A unique 2013 model year "Bolt Gold" GT-R will go to the highest bidder in a global online charity auction to be held on eBay from November 22 to December 2, 2012.

The highest bidder in the charity auction will become the owner of the one-of-a-kind ‘Bolt Gold' GT-R, a 2013 model year Nissan GT-R painted the same gold color that left a lasting impression on Olympic champion Usain Bolt at a fan appreciation event hosted by Nissan in Yokohama on October 11. All proceeds from the charity auction will benefit the Usain Bolt Foundation, which was established to support educational and cultural opportunities for children and young people in Bolt's home country of Jamaica.

Nissan Global Marketing agencies which include Critical Mass, TBWA, TBWA\Hakuhodo and OMD are responsible for the production of this auction.