Truth in advertising

Must watch!

Hilux ad

Thought I'd throw up some older work by Tim Brown and Pete Buckley of Saatchi's Sydney for Toyota Hilux. I'd been working on the graphics for the T-shirts and when I rolled onto the shoot on the day... well I kinda ended up beecoming the talent.

Still cracks me up.

Guerilla, Minimum style

Yeah I promised it, so here goes. Me and a couple friends tought it was nice to do something on our last day at ad school. So we went to our school at night and started working.
We loved the old school in art, games and living...soooo

As it was our last day we went on the notion of "GAME OVER"
We made "Space Invaders", "Tetris" and "Pacman" because our school had brightly coloured stripes on its front.

Pasting Space Invaders

Space Invaders (me on the left)


For comparison in size

And a bit of pacman

Natural Metropolis

Look around where you walk, you will find beauty in the concrete.
Nature will always find a way, through itself or through us.

google april's fools day

Wonderbra......actually good this time

Wonderbra Ad Malfunctions - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

I know that we all hate the wonderbra ads and every single student gets to wrestle it. There are 100 diffrent ideas en every idea has been done at least 300 times.
What I now want to say with this movie is the following:

It is not the brand of the ad that makes it good or bad at first hand. It doesn't matter that wonderbra is used 1.000.000 times. Think, just go nuts, go wild and think of something diffrent, outside of the box. I saw an ad in the exhibition with soupplates that are placed a little bit further. Thats good. Same as this ad, completely out of the box. Think of a medium you wont expect to see something like this on.

Please make conceptual thinking extraordinary again.

Thanks for your time.


Hello all! I'm a junior AD trying to get into the industry. While I am currently working on my book, I'm hoping to meet with our local brains for some creative sparring sessions to share views on work or ideas. Should you guys be interested to get in touch, please feel free to E me at

Meanwhile, i'll be posting my humble work on exhibition for crits. So please do check out ya! :p

Cheerios and hear soon!
ps: Iz great to be here! \(• ω •)/~

Record traffic on Ads of the World

Again, we broke the record in traffic this month. We had a whopping 540K+ unique visitors and 12.7M+ page loads in March 2007. And as you can see on the graph the traffic is growing exponentially. To give you a comparison this is more traffic than what receives. Thank you all for promoting Ads of the World among your friends and colleagues!

I hope to fine tune some things on the site in the near future to make things easier, especially regarding videos and radio. Let me know if something is not working as you would like it to and also let me know what features would you like to see. You can send me a feedback email or comment here. Either way, I'll take notes.

Steve Jobs´s Speech at Stanford University

Maybe I was the last person who saw this because I`m usualy in another planet, but I would like to share this video with all of you. I found it really inspiring. Enjoy it.

Digital Storyboarding: How to Make a Smooth Transition

For some artists, the transition from traditional to digital can often look daunting. Using a digital storyboard has many advantages; a paperless environment, ease of correction using the undo feature, ease of drawing reuse by copying and pasting. In this article, we’ll show you how Toon Boom Storyboard can facilitate the transition from traditional to paperless methods. Its elegant interface, intuitive tools and practical shortcuts will make your shift to digital storyboarding a breeze

for more info logg on to

Client copia

Pretty cool site to laugh on ourselves and on clients.

Paco Underhill

Like most of you, I'm sure, I've read tons of books on marketing and sales and creative techniques.

One that stands out is Paco Underhill's "Why we buy, the science of shopping". There is actually a science to shopping people.

I'm attaching the first page for your perusal. It's available in paperback form for around $10 CAD on

Two thumbs up.

Slash ‘n Burn Awards is the first Dutch festival for rejected advertising

The Slash ‘n Burn Awards is the first Dutch festival for rejected advertising. It provides a stage for impressive work that, for one reason of another, has never been published. Creative commercials, print, outdoor, interactive or promotional advertising that deserves to be recognized and praised. The festival is a plea for more guts and creativity in advertising.


My curiousity has finaly led me to discover ads of the world .I must confess that it is the best
place any creative person could be.I hope to learn as much as I can as a "super" greenhorn,I hope to
contribute my qouta and I hope I won't get sooooooo of the easiest things I know how
to do is cry so be warned...

The Curious mind always gets information...information keeps you ahead.

'It has been done before a 1,000,000 times!'

S: It has been done before a 1,000,000 times!
A: Totally agree. I've seen the colour 'red' in a million ads.
D: You can't own (in a literal sense) a colour.

T: This 'red' colour ad was already dead in the 80's.
H: Yeah, so 80's. I did the same idea about 6 years ago.
A: 6 years ago was year 2001, dude. Not the 80's.
T: I bet you got thousands of 'red' ads in your book!

B: And what with the headline? Using the word 'the' again?
A: Yeah, every ad seems to have 'The' nowadays.
D: Except those logo/product at the bottom right corner ad.

I: Yeah, that's been done at least 1,000,000 times too.
D: And some of them in 'red' too! Everything's been done!
E: Everything's been done! And all of it has been posted.

A: I wish they at least change 'The' into something creative.
R: Like what?
E: How about street lingo? 'Da Economist'

G: And drop the 'red'!
O: Yeah, the client's wife prefers pink.
O: I'm a suit, by the way.
D: It figures.

I: Pink has also been done before!
D: Ah! But not Pantone Pink #1167!
E: What's the value of saying "done before"?
Apart from showing us all how 'with it' you are.

D: Is the world running out of ideas??
O: No, just colours.
N: And adjectives!
E: And from the looks of it, Creatives who aren't bitchy.



This is the first time I come here,and hope to get acquainted with more and more people.
Welcome to make friend with me,I love Ads of the Word!

Ads of the World Awards

Ok, there was a thread that mentioned this, so now I will write this out all the way.

The idea is to have an award ceremony of our own. Where Ivan and 4 CD's are the main jury's. The main jury then consists of 5 members all of Ivan's choosing. This jury will make up for 50% of the score for the ads and will also pick the nominee's for each category.
The other 50% of the votes are made up of the registered users of Ads of the World. They can vote via a poll system.

There will be 3 awards for each category. Gold, Silver and Bronze. The name for these awards is not yet stated.

The awards will be held each quarter. So there will be 4 sessions in a year. And host (writer) for each session will change each session so every award session will have its own atmosphere.

The Main Jury:


Gold @AOTW award
Silver @AOTW award
Bronze @AOTW award

TV (Cinema and TV)
Print (Press and Outdoor included)
Online (Microsites and Banners)
Ambient (Direct and Ambient)
Student (Anything that is posted in the Exhibition section)

Now I only ask of you, humble user to suggest names for the awards. The best will be chosen. I hope Ivan will contact me in due time for the names of jurists.

this is how things get done in india.

The Experiment, postmortem.

You are three years old. Your mother has just placed you in a sandbox to keep you occupied while she talks to Sally, her gossipy neighbor with the bad dye job. You are told you cannot leave. You are not happy with this, but have no choice. So there you sit, nothing around you but sand and two appealing objects. One is the head of a Barbie doll. Your older sister recently beheaded it and gave it a crew cut in a ceremony known only to 8-year-old girls. Next to it lays a bright red and yellow plastic airplane missing its left wing. This is all you have. You pick up the doll head. You giggle as you squeeze it between your tiny fingers. It looks like a puffer fish. You place it back in the sand and reach for the airplane, pick it up and begin to make it fly. Then you remember the doll head. You turn the plane on its side and marvel at the shark you made. The shark chases the puffer fish. The puffer fish fights back. They make up and start a family together. The shark is crowned King of the Ocean. They have sand babies and sand dogs and sand cats. They grow old together and experience many adventures. An hour or more passes without notice until your mother grabs you to go back inside with her. Reluctantly, you leave your ocean world behind.

This experiment was a sandbox. The first sentence was a doll head, the second a broken airplane. This is what is wondrous and magnificent about creativity. Restrictions. Structure. Rules. And it’s what I love about advertising. We are given oppressive rules and mandatories that we have to make into something interesting. We have to make our ocean world. I know I have wasted many hours of my career fighting to keep a logo small or a photo black and white, when I should have been turning them into sea creatures. The most liberating thing in my life was realizing the fun was playing within the rules, not necessarily trying to break them. Yes, it is fun to break the rules, too, but sometimes it is even more thrilling to see what you can get away with without leaving the sandbox.

The other thing I wanted to point out in this experiment was the impact an individual’s life experience has on creativity. Not a single person who participated in this experiment came up with the same solution. If 50 or 100 or 1000 more people tried their hand at bridging sentence A with sentence B, not one of them would come up with the same thing. The great thing about being a human being is that no one can ever be in the exact same place at the exact same time as anyone else. Ever. That means that no one anywhere has the same perspective on anything observable in the world. What awesome power. No one can ever see anything like you can and no one can communicate what you see or hear or feel in the same way that you can. I think that is wonderful. And I am thankful for every day that I get to play in the sandbox, no matter how many toys I am given.

I do want to thank all of you for participating. There is an enormous amount of creativity in this group and I am proud to be a part of it. I learn something from you every day. Great stuff everyone.


no ecological problems yet from cutting trees to make a4papers so our industry can thrive.....ouf

Are we cutting down the world's trees just to make paper?

No. Forest surface is increasing by 340,000 hectares per year. In the developed world, advantage is taken of the massive research which has been devoted to developing the best strains and to planting and conservation techniques likely to produce the healthiest trees. The destruction of rainforests in South America and Indonesia is an ecological disaster, but has nothing to do with the papermaker. Fibre needed for papermaking does not come from tropical sources and 80% of the wood used by the European pulp and paper industry comes directly from Europe.

Will the world's trees ever be exhausted?

At current rates of usage, trees for papermaking and other industrial uses will last forever; more wood is growing than is being cut down. Europe, for example, now has reserves of wood greater than a hundred years ago, despite the enormous growth of wood usage during the last fifty years. Forest stocks are being further conserved by the rapidly increasing use of recovered paper for the manufacture of paper and board. Over 30% of the world's papermaking fibres now derive from recovered paper and board. Wood is one of the very few raw materials used by a major industry which is infinitely self-renewing. Under Sustainable Forest Management less wood is felled than produced. When the amount of wood harvested is divided by the net annual increment od forests we have a result of 65%, that means approximately one third of growing stock is left in the forest.

50 funniest Homer Simpson Quotes

“Sólo porque no me importe, no significa que no entienda”
“Hijo si deseas triunfar en esta vida tienes que trabajar duro. Ahora cállate y deja escuchar los números de la Lotería”
“Bueno ya es la una de la madrugada, será mejor irme a casa y pasar un rato agradable con mi familia”
“Ustedes saben niños, un reactor nuclear es como una mujer, sólo debes leer el manual y apretar los botones correctos”
“Lisa si no te gusta tu trabajo, no hagas huelga, ve todos los día y trabaja a la mitad. Ese es el estilo americano”
“¿Que cuando voy a aprender? La respuesta a los problemas de la vida no está en el fondo de una botella, está en la TV!”
“Hijo cuando participes en cualquier deporte, que no te importe si ganas o pierdes, lo importante es qué tan borracho quedes”
“Para qué quiero a un psiquiatra, de todos modos ya se que los niños están locos”
“Marge eres tan guapa como la princesa Leia y tan inteligente como Yoda”
“Niños ustedes han tratado de hacer las cosas muy bien y han fallado miserablemente. La lección es, mejor ni traten”
“La televisión! Maestra, Madre y amante secreta”
“Siempre quise saber si existe Dios, ahora ya lo sé y ese Dios soy yo”
“Si algo sale mal en la planta nuclear, culpen al tipo que no habla Inglés”
“Nunca tendré una incapacidad. Me siento enfermo de ser tan saludable”
“Cerveza! es la causa y solución de todos los problemas”
“Si algo es muy difícil de lograr, entonces no vale la pena hacerlo”
“‘To Start Press Any Key’. Where’s the ANY key?”

greener days

The environment is a hot, topical issue, and I'm curious what we, as an industry whole, are doing to help the environment. What we are doing to reduce our impact on the earth's resources.
I'll share with you what I do everyday, I hope you will share, here, what you are doing.

- use a travel mug to buy my coffee
- bring my lunch in tupperware
- store left overs in tupperware
- ask for less packaging if i do buy my lunch
- keep metal utensils at work, never get the plastic ones
- turn off all appliances when i'm done with them
- use environmentally friendly light bulbs
- use the microwave to reheat meals rather than the stove or oven
- bring strong hemp bags to put my groceries in
- when i do a quick trip and forget my hemp bags, i reuse the plastic bag they give me
- use used newsprint and embellish it by painting or drawing on top of it to wrap gifts
- re-use gift bags
- recycle all paper and plastic and metal
- buy quality used furniture
- repurpose or donate old clothes
- take local transit, purposely do not own a car
- buy locally grown produce whever possible
- have a low flow toilet
- low flow, high pressure shower head and taps
- turn the temperature down on heaters at night, pile on the sweaters in the winter
- talk about it

if i think of other things i do i'll post them.

here's one sight to check out:

looking forward to reading what you do.

Dear Tide:

I am writing to say what an excellent product you have! I've used it all of my married life, as my Mom always told me it was the best. Now that I am in my fifties I find it even better! In fact, about a month

I spilled some red wine on my new white blouse. My inconsiderate and uncaring husband started to belittle me about how clumsy I was, and generally started becoming a pain in the neck. One thing led to another and somehow I ended up with his blood on my new white blouse!

I grabbed my bottle of Tide with bleach alternative, and to my surprise and satisfaction, all of the stains came out! In fact, the stains came out so well the detectives who came by yesterday told me that the DNA tests on my blouse were negative and then my attorney called and said that I was no longer considered a suspect in the disappearance of my husband.

What a relief! Going through menopause is bad enough without being a murder suspect! I thank you, once again, for having a great product. Well, gotta go, have to write to the Hefty bag people.

A tribute to Joseph Campbell

VO: Today, we salute an all American hero.

Sung: All American hero.

VO: Yes, Mr. I-write-differently.
You pen comments that evoke images of giant squids.

Sung: Giant squids

VO: You tease the audience with taffy and 5 naked girls.

Sung: Five naked girls.

VO: You push beyond the normal comments of
'That's been done before',
'I saw a similar idea 6 years ago'
and the ever so overused
'It's a SCAM!'

Yes, you give us hope in a world where negative
critique breed like bunnies.

You are a true All American hero.

Sung: Joseph Campbell, All American hero.

VO: We toast you with a repost of your finest comments.
And Mr Joseph... We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Thu, 2007-02-15 08:50.
When I first visited the Museum of Red Hair (Musée des Cheveux Rouges) a few miles outside Pape'ete in Tahiti, I was 9 years old. Pop Pop would carry me on his broad mariner's shoulders and we would sing a song about taffy. When we got to the part of the song that reveals the deep, dark truth of a woman's soul, I would cover my ears and yelp. The guard at the Museum did not have red hair, but he did have a temper and perhaps very little patience for a yelping boy on the shoulders of a singing sailor. I shall realize my vengence, Mr. Guard. I shall. We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Wed, 2007-02-14 09:15.
Back! You wicked crab! I cannot fight you with all of those numbers sticking out of you. I shall call the judge and reschedule our bout so I can brush up on my arithmetic. You will seriously dread your comeuppance. Now leave me in peace. We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Wed, 2007-02-14 08:46.
Once, when I was little, I bought a popsicle. The man who sold it to me proceeded to barrel down the street, striking and killing my dog in the process. My mom told me that since I bought the popsicle, I was the one who killed the dog. She sent me to my room and wouldn't let me eat for three days. Thanks Asian Paints. We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Wed, 2007-02-14 09:17.
When I was 16, I ordered a Con Otras Pizza. I waited and waited and played Nintendo while I waited. I did not move for 3 days. Suddenly the phone rang. It was my boss at Con Otras Pizza wondering why I hadn't been to work in three days. I told him I wanted my money back. We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Wed, 2007-02-14 09:55.
Three oily titans are like five ultra chic kings. I'm not getting cans returned at parties. The smart ones will get the acrostic. We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Fri, 2007-02-16 05:16.
Seth: There were six of us. We were skinny dipping when the submarine broke the surface. It was mayhem.
Officer: Did you see anyone in the submarine? Can you describe them?
Seth: I believe it was a Hatian family. They were smiling. They looked very happy. (looks around) Where are my friends? (begins to cry)
Officer: Easy there fella. We'll find your friends. Maybe they boarded the submarine?
Seth: The Hatians were very inviting. Fetching actually. What can we do? (shaking his fist at the sea) Why, Haiti? Why?
At this point, the officer grabs Seth's hand.
Officer: Come along, son. We're off to Haiti. We've no time to waste! I believe Haiti is just past Berthold's Cave.
Seth: (smiling) Can we stop for some taffy? Please?
Hand in hand, they ran down the beach, in search of Haiti and taffy and five naked friends.
We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Thu, 2007-02-15 04:28.
The only part of my childhood that I can remember with any clarity is the time we lived in the jungles of the Dominican Republic. Though it wasn't a Republic back then. I think it was a pearlescent chimera. In fact, most of my young friends were chimeric. How I longed for real friends. My mother said I did not deserve them. Not even the fake ones. Then she stole my tricycle and made a lawn sculpture out of it. While living in the jungle, my family and I lived on milled flax seed and raw fish. I ingested so much omega 3 fatty acids that I grew three extra hearts. I have already donated two of them; I am keeping the third for myself, just in case.
We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Thu, 2007-02-22 03:57.
The Squid and the Hottie.
Samantha slinked down to the Whoreroom to check on the local whores. Encountering Quincy the Squid, she licked her lips and said "Delicious!" Quincy flopped into his Aeron chair and placed a call. "Yes. Can I speak with Carlos? This is Quincy...Yes, I'll hold. Sigh." Quincy fiddled with the window fan with tentacle #3. Tentacle #6 was tracing a well-hidden yet slimy silhouette of Samantha's remarkable belly onto a yellow legal pad he held in his squid lap. "Hey, Carlos. Yeah, she's here. Hmmm. You sure? Ok. Later." Quincy stands behind his desk. "Well?" Tentacle #2 Trembles slightly. Samantha sits on the edge of the desk, her remarkable belly barely brushing tentacle #7. Her lips part, revealing her rather large teeth. "Yummy!" she purrs. Quincy looks at the ground. "Sigh. Let me get the bread crumbs, then." He turns and slides down the hall. Samantha looks at the whore list and giggles.
We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Mon, 2007-02-26 22:31.
Madame Latex and Monsieur Gauze set out for a night of peculiar romancing and measurements. Guided by their mutual distrust of sea-faring wastrels, the young couple headed inland; this is of some significance since they were both nothing more than sea-faring wastrels themselves, though they would later claim to be ocean-traveling scamps. They used the sextant they received as a wedding gift to guide their journey. Unfortunately, they both mistook an oncoming locomotive for the North Star and were subsequently rended tip to toe.
We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Mon, 2007-02-26 22:38.
When I was in the third grade, I wanted to dance like Axl Rose. The Davy Jones sway, as we used to call it. My mother would bang on my door whenever I was practicing my moves in front of the closet mirror. "I know what you're doing in there!" she would cackle. "You'll go blind doing that!" This one would always puzzle me. I could see going blind trying to mimic Slash, what with the hair in the eyes and all, but Axl? Come on. He can see for miles and miles. Or was that someone else?
We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Mon, 2007-02-26 22:42.
It wasn't long before the tiny bottle of Arab tears began to grow. I had to remove them from the bottle. I called my mom into my room. "Do you have a larger container for these?" I pleaded. She laughed and laughed and patted my tiny head. "Son, I know you're too stupid to understand this, but your father and I are getting divorced. He met some Haitian girl. The prick." I looked at her as she picked something green and gummy from her yellow teeth. I craved spinach and love.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Mon, 2007-02-26 22:53.
When Dr. Grendoline arrived, Thomas was a blathering mess. He was convinced the spiders would eat the cancer, but he was in tremendous pain. "Let me take a look here!" Dr. Grendoline shouted. "Why are you shouting?" Thomas shouted back. "Because you're shouting!" With that, all of the spiders scurried away, having finished the Raisintes.
We'll reconvene at 10.

Submitted by Joseph Campbell on Mon, 2007-02-26 23:08.
Andy would later be shot. He would eventually die. Not from the gunshot wound, but from water. And not by drowning. But prior to all of that, he would spend his days exhibiting his Sharpie Theatre to the children he would encounter at the mall. They always ran from him. Sometimes they bit him and then ran. Nevertheless, he soldiered on. Some say he was addicted to War.
We'll reconvene at 10.

Channel 4 "Viral Oscars"

The closing date for Germ - the international viral awards (established as a first in the UK in 2005) – is drawing near. Entries are accepted from all over the world and must be submitted by March 31st. There are three categories open to the public: ‘Best Video Viral’, ‘Best Image Viral’ and ‘Best Interactive Viral’. Entries are free and individuals from all over the world can submit as many virals as they like at Virals entered must have been created between January 1st 2006 – March 31st 2007.

for all of yu wave breakers out there

introducing Clemence Keith the GREAT WAVE breaker .....if you are interested to know more about Clemence just ask.....

what is your visual DNA

a friend o mine sent me this link ..its fun ...thought of sharing it

press & try send me your comments

Faking It And Not Lovin' It

Ever had to fake an ad? You know… like when you don’t exactly know whom you’re talking to or how you want them to respond? It’s hell, believe me. Because to begin with, you have to contend with half-wits who aren’t even from the advertising industry who go on spewing forth faux-expertise on communication. Hint: they could even be your colleagues. How spooky is that!

Mom! Dad! Someone! Why am I doing this?

And why are online advertising agencies treated like dirt?

Oh! I get it. It’s because they have troopers who can’t for the life of them understand the first thing about Target Audience and Desired Customer Response or how very important that is in the communication business. It’s because these troopers live in blissful ignorance, smothered by their own mediocrity.

Perhaps you could tell them that your Target Audience can’t for the love of God be ‘vaguely male’. Jesus! Who are we talking to? But then again you could give up and go dwell in the Himalayas and talk only to the Yeti.

Talking to the Yeti! Now why didn’t I think of that! That’s so much better than faking it.

Birds of a feather

The five sibling teenaged owls commiserate together in a hidden corner, on their favourite branch, somewhat camouflaged from my view.
I wonder what they are plotting. Maybe they are chatting about the fresh mice they got last night. So much more fun to scoop them up live and wriggling in the beak than freshly thawed and limp. The crunch of the beak barring down on the fresh ones is so much more satisfying.
My best friend, since I was four, is a zoologist and currrenlty specializes in birds of prey. She was recently working on contract at The Owl Foundation, where they rehabilitate wild owls (who have been hit by cars and trucks) and get them fit for release.

I think about them often now, and want to share them with you. Here are some of the photos we took when I was granted special permission to visit the centre. I was also moved to sponsor an owl, a north american pygmy owl.

Here is a website too, in case you would like to check it out.

Dilbert on Advertising

It's kinda twisted that I find this relevant.

We got a metal!

Satit Jantawiwat from JWT Bangkok just told me the good news. We won a bronze at Adfest Pattaya with the campaign made for Ads of the World titled formula. Congrats JWT Bangkok and hope this is just the first one!

Click read more to see the full campaign.

new cool watering hole

satisfies the mind and soul.

my view (quite litterally, actually)

i am home sick today. went out with some friends to celebrate one of them getting a job. my old copywriter and good friend actually. i got a bit of food poisoning while out. drank a few sips of nasty, skunky, beer. of course, i couldn't tell it was skunky at first, having already had two pints of Denison. and of course i asked my friends to taste the suspect beverage as well, to make sure... aren't i a nice friend?

so i am at home and have a rather bleak view to show you. hopefully, soon, we will be moving to a nice artist co-op building by the lake. the view is much improved in the spring and summer, as there are leaves on the trees and little grey and brown birds fly around, busy making nests, then busy feeding their young.

i don't much feel like watching any mind rotting daytime television. so i will continue to look out the window, imagining the life that will swell on the tree soon, as i sit reading MakeReady and surfing at the same time.

how can we improve the graphic and web designer working condition in mauritius

i am still thinking n wondering if it will b a time wen we designers of mauritius will b treated as designers of the rest of the world...(in term of salary)

its very sad that we r not yet considered as designers like in other countries even if we have international standards... why there is not an organisation protecting us designers of mauritius...

An experiment for the group.

I will explain the purpose of this after I get a few participants. (read on)

I am going to give you the first line and the last line of a story. I want you to fill in the middle in any way you see fit. The only rule is that you use the first line and last line word for word and that they remain as the first line and the last line. These aren’t the most exciting lines, but that’s part of the experiment. Here we go:

Michelle could not find her shirt.

(You fill in here. As many words as you wish)

She held his hand and swallowed her tears.

How Good are You at Setting Goals?

Setting goals is vital to accomplishing your daily to long-term agenda. By directing your attention to a specific area, you are able to use different strategies to get the results you want. 

Here are 20Q you should ask yourself 

1. Do you create a daily agenda? 

2. Do you complete the goals you set out to accomplish? 

3. Do you establish priorities effectively and successfully? Always/

4. Do you check the progress of your long-term goals? Always/

5. Do you set a timeframe for your goals? 

6. Do you write down the goals you’ve set?

7. Do you reward yourself when you have accomplished your goals?

8. Do you do things in order of importance? Always/

9. Do you have a measurable criterion for your goals? Always/

10. When problems arise, does it greatly affect accomplishing your daily goals? 

11. Is your work area clean enough to access something without a problem? 

12. Are your goals attainable based on your skills? 

13. Are your goals specific enough to get results? 

14. Are you able to remember all the things you need to accomplish? 

15. During the day, do you take a break from everything to do something you enjoy (e.g. reading the paper)? 

16. Do you create a step-by-step process to achieving long-term goals? 

17. Do you create goals to match what you want? 

18. Are you passionate about attaining the goals you’ve set? Always/

19. When you are given a project, do you get started on it immediately? 

20. Do the goals you set build your self-confidence in surpassing obstacles? 

Goal setting is a key component in leadership, team-building, and overall professional productiveness. This assessment will find your strengths and weaknesses in setting goals. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you establish a more effective direction to achieving your goals.

the painter that is painting the painter who is painting the painter

this is the only explanation i found to this painting
hope you like it


Its 10 AM, I'm sitting in my office that I redecorated yesterday. I pulled up a second desk so that it forms a big 'L'. They don't seem to get that a creative needs his space. My junk is already cluttering my new 'big' desk, I am happy.
But something feels off. Although my desk is full, I have my ads and folders to produce and I'm working in Ads of the World. I feel empty.

Spring is starting and I can feel this in the air. The sun is waking me up in the morning because I dont have curtains. Ireally hate those things, they are ugly and therefore dont belong in my room. And whenever I have to work late I can smell the evening setting.
But these feelings also bring forth memories, memories of better days. Memories of last year.
I miss it. To be in school, working on an audiovisual assignment, creating a new typeface. And most of all, hanging with the boys. The boys, my friends with whom I spend everyday. Lying in the grass of the schoolyard, drinkng a beer on a warm summersday. Being a senior suddenly grants you priviliges you never expected. The girls look more interested all of a sudden. They know that you are far more better than they are in graphics, you are older hence sexier and you are a senior so they think its cool to hang out with you.

I found this out the bad way. She was interested in me, so was I in her. We hanged out, we kissed, we slept. We were a couple. Until she came back from vacation and all of a sudden she didn't 'feel' it anymore. She said that now I left school she didn't have the chance of seeing me that often.

We broke up, she has broken me.

I walked around with this shadow for half a year. Knowing that she was only interested in me because I was a senior. I was devastated because I gave my life, I put all the effort I could muster in her. But as soon as I was gone, so was her memory of me. We spoke after the incident and I learned that she never tought of me anymore. Moments later I found out she had a new boy. Yes, a senior.

But nevertheless, I miss those times. The lads and me still hang out. Wearing the flip-flops, drinking the beer, putting on the sunglasses and look at the ladies. Because after all, we are the ex-seniors.

More possible AotW merchandise

kinda got hooked on doing the merchandises...

oh, and 'john hughes' was an honest mistake.
didn't know it was dick hughes.

ps. a big thank you to my art director for helping. (You can see that this is better than the t-shirt visuals, which I kinda slapped together.)

Flowers on a foggy day

I decided to walk to work today. It takes about 50 minutes or so, depending on my amble. It was grey out and somewhat foggy, and humid.

I noticed some walking flowers peeking through the fog. Women wearing red pants, green pants, bright blue pants and yes, yes yes yes, yellow pants. It was incredible. They peppered my walk with a colourful spice. Flowers on a foggy day.