what is your visual DNA

a friend o mine sent me this link ..its fun ...thought of sharing it

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Faking It And Not Lovin' It

Ever had to fake an ad? You know… like when you don’t exactly know whom you’re talking to or how you want them to respond? It’s hell, believe me. Because to begin with, you have to contend with half-wits who aren’t even from the advertising industry who go on spewing forth faux-expertise on communication. Hint: they could even be your colleagues. How spooky is that!

Mom! Dad! Someone! Why am I doing this?

And why are online advertising agencies treated like dirt?

Oh! I get it. It’s because they have troopers who can’t for the life of them understand the first thing about Target Audience and Desired Customer Response or how very important that is in the communication business. It’s because these troopers live in blissful ignorance, smothered by their own mediocrity.

Perhaps you could tell them that your Target Audience can’t for the love of God be ‘vaguely male’. Jesus! Who are we talking to? But then again you could give up and go dwell in the Himalayas and talk only to the Yeti.

Talking to the Yeti! Now why didn’t I think of that! That’s so much better than faking it.

Birds of a feather

The five sibling teenaged owls commiserate together in a hidden corner, on their favourite branch, somewhat camouflaged from my view.
I wonder what they are plotting. Maybe they are chatting about the fresh mice they got last night. So much more fun to scoop them up live and wriggling in the beak than freshly thawed and limp. The crunch of the beak barring down on the fresh ones is so much more satisfying.
My best friend, since I was four, is a zoologist and currrenlty specializes in birds of prey. She was recently working on contract at The Owl Foundation, where they rehabilitate wild owls (who have been hit by cars and trucks) and get them fit for release.

I think about them often now, and want to share them with you. Here are some of the photos we took when I was granted special permission to visit the centre. I was also moved to sponsor an owl, a north american pygmy owl.

Here is a website too, in case you would like to check it out.


Dilbert on Advertising

It's kinda twisted that I find this relevant.

We got a metal!

Satit Jantawiwat from JWT Bangkok just told me the good news. We won a bronze at Adfest Pattaya with the campaign made for Ads of the World titled formula. Congrats JWT Bangkok and hope this is just the first one!

Click read more to see the full campaign.

my view (quite litterally, actually)

i am home sick today. went out with some friends to celebrate one of them getting a job. my old copywriter and good friend actually. i got a bit of food poisoning while out. drank a few sips of nasty, skunky, beer. of course, i couldn't tell it was skunky at first, having already had two pints of Denison. and of course i asked my friends to taste the suspect beverage as well, to make sure... aren't i a nice friend?

so i am at home and have a rather bleak view to show you. hopefully, soon, we will be moving to a nice artist co-op building by the lake. the view is much improved in the spring and summer, as there are leaves on the trees and little grey and brown birds fly around, busy making nests, then busy feeding their young.

i don't much feel like watching any mind rotting daytime television. so i will continue to look out the window, imagining the life that will swell on the tree soon, as i sit reading MakeReady and surfing at the same time.

how can we improve the graphic and web designer working condition in mauritius

i am still thinking n wondering if it will b a time wen we designers of mauritius will b treated as designers of the rest of the world...(in term of salary)

its very sad that we r not yet considered as designers like in other countries even if we have international standards... why there is not an organisation protecting us designers of mauritius...

An experiment for the group.

I will explain the purpose of this after I get a few participants. (read on)

I am going to give you the first line and the last line of a story. I want you to fill in the middle in any way you see fit. The only rule is that you use the first line and last line word for word and that they remain as the first line and the last line. These aren’t the most exciting lines, but that’s part of the experiment. Here we go:

Michelle could not find her shirt.

(You fill in here. As many words as you wish)

She held his hand and swallowed her tears.

How Good are You at Setting Goals?

Setting goals is vital to accomplishing your daily to long-term agenda. By directing your attention to a specific area, you are able to use different strategies to get the results you want. 

Here are 20Q you should ask yourself 

1. Do you create a daily agenda? 

2. Do you complete the goals you set out to accomplish? 

3. Do you establish priorities effectively and successfully? Always/

4. Do you check the progress of your long-term goals? Always/

5. Do you set a timeframe for your goals? 

6. Do you write down the goals you’ve set?

7. Do you reward yourself when you have accomplished your goals?

8. Do you do things in order of importance? Always/

9. Do you have a measurable criterion for your goals? Always/

10. When problems arise, does it greatly affect accomplishing your daily goals? 

11. Is your work area clean enough to access something without a problem? 

12. Are your goals attainable based on your skills? 

13. Are your goals specific enough to get results? 

14. Are you able to remember all the things you need to accomplish? 

15. During the day, do you take a break from everything to do something you enjoy (e.g. reading the paper)? 

16. Do you create a step-by-step process to achieving long-term goals? 

17. Do you create goals to match what you want? 

18. Are you passionate about attaining the goals you’ve set? Always/

19. When you are given a project, do you get started on it immediately? 

20. Do the goals you set build your self-confidence in surpassing obstacles? 

Goal setting is a key component in leadership, team-building, and overall professional productiveness. This assessment will find your strengths and weaknesses in setting goals. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help you establish a more effective direction to achieving your goals.


Its 10 AM, I'm sitting in my office that I redecorated yesterday. I pulled up a second desk so that it forms a big 'L'. They don't seem to get that a creative needs his space. My junk is already cluttering my new 'big' desk, I am happy.
But something feels off. Although my desk is full, I have my ads and folders to produce and I'm working in Ads of the World. I feel empty.

Spring is starting and I can feel this in the air. The sun is waking me up in the morning because I dont have curtains. Ireally hate those things, they are ugly and therefore dont belong in my room. And whenever I have to work late I can smell the evening setting.
But these feelings also bring forth memories, memories of better days. Memories of last year.
I miss it. To be in school, working on an audiovisual assignment, creating a new typeface. And most of all, hanging with the boys. The boys, my friends with whom I spend everyday. Lying in the grass of the schoolyard, drinkng a beer on a warm summersday. Being a senior suddenly grants you priviliges you never expected. The girls look more interested all of a sudden. They know that you are far more better than they are in graphics, you are older hence sexier and you are a senior so they think its cool to hang out with you.

I found this out the bad way. She was interested in me, so was I in her. We hanged out, we kissed, we slept. We were a couple. Until she came back from vacation and all of a sudden she didn't 'feel' it anymore. She said that now I left school she didn't have the chance of seeing me that often.

We broke up, she has broken me.

I walked around with this shadow for half a year. Knowing that she was only interested in me because I was a senior. I was devastated because I gave my life, I put all the effort I could muster in her. But as soon as I was gone, so was her memory of me. We spoke after the incident and I learned that she never tought of me anymore. Moments later I found out she had a new boy. Yes, a senior.

But nevertheless, I miss those times. The lads and me still hang out. Wearing the flip-flops, drinking the beer, putting on the sunglasses and look at the ladies. Because after all, we are the ex-seniors.

More possible AotW merchandise

kinda got hooked on doing the merchandises...

oh, and 'john hughes' was an honest mistake.
didn't know it was dick hughes.

ps. a big thank you to my art director for helping. (You can see that this is better than the t-shirt visuals, which I kinda slapped together.)

Flowers on a foggy day

I decided to walk to work today. It takes about 50 minutes or so, depending on my amble. It was grey out and somewhat foggy, and humid.

I noticed some walking flowers peeking through the fog. Women wearing red pants, green pants, bright blue pants and yes, yes yes yes, yellow pants. It was incredible. They peppered my walk with a colourful spice. Flowers on a foggy day.

Crap On Two Legs

You've perhaps met these animals before. They are rather arty-farty. They don't realize that they aren't competing with Monet or Rembrandt but rather with Raju Choplanki who is desperately trying to revive his once killer brand.

They don't understand that they're not the artists they think they are, trying to prove how clever they are with ideas. They don't understand that they are actually another breed of sales men trying to prove, and prove over again that they have envious sales acumen. They don't understand that the only difference is that they do it with written words and pictures when a sales man uses the spoken word.

So what do they do?

They walk around the agency dazed. They talk to themselves when they're sure they have an audience. They go to the nearest Copywriter or Visualiser and tell them their idea sucks, with put-on genius. Or pontificates rather knowledgeably about the benefits of not writing a headline at all. Never mind that Arty-Farty can't come up with a line that has enough appeal. (A-F can only write A-F and expect lesser mortals to either get it or retire to Mars). Never mind again that A-F can't for the life of him write body copy because he believes that no one reads body copy.

You can spot these animals a mile away. Don't duck.

Or maybe you should duck and find your own corner. Unless you know of a better way to be rid of A-F's.

Usefull website and new music purchase

As the title would indicate, I have found a new usefull website and purchased some new music.

And here they are.

LCDSoundSystem-SoundofSilver *I can't begin to qualify their sound. Good-for-jammin'-at-your-desk-music

Today felt like the new Monday, but then the really cool guy at HMV helped me with the CD purchase.
Thanks cool guy at HMV. You put Tuesday right for me.

10 000 registered users

champagneLadies and gentleman. We can proudly claim to be the biggest online advertising community. We have more than ten thousand active registered users on the site. By active I mean users who confirmed the their email addresses and visited the site at least once.

We've also made two records yesterday in traffic. At one point we had 38K page downloads an hour. That's like 10 pages per second. And the total number of page loads was half million on Monday.

I'm extremely proud to be associated with such a vibrant and active community. Love you all! Cheers!

A book for inspiration

I just got a really wicked belated birthday present from my boss. It's a book named:

Readymade: How to Make [Almost] Everything: a Do-It-Yourself Primer (Hardcover)
Here is a promotional blurb one can find on the inside cover. I'll try to write the whole thing without any errors:

"ReadyMade embodies a spirit of not just DIY, not just reuse/recycle, but a revolutionary sort of aesthetic ethos that allows us to make elegant objects from unelegant things. Because elegance is decadent - and we can't have that during wartime - elegance is only acceptable if it's pasted together, with spit and glue, from the detritus of a too-prosperous/too-ridiculous world. This is ReadyMade. For now, it's theonly tasteful way to have taste" - Dave Eggers

Don't you just love that? What kind of DIY book is this? I can't wait to find out. I'm cracking open the pages right now.

Here's a jpg of the cover attached as well.

Really "special" greeting cards

I like to find odd greeting cards to send to my friends and family when they are celebrating certain occasions. I've been known to send Jewish holiday cards on Valentine's day. It just seems so constricting to have to buy from the cards that were specially made for certain occasions, when other cards will deliver my sentiments so much better.

I've also resorted to making my own cards when I can't find the appropriate message, but I don't have any of those on my Mac at this location. Some other day, if I remember, I'll post one or two. We'll see how I feel.

Here I've attached two of my favourite cards, that I've painstakingly scanned and reduced in size so as not to be a greedy guts and take up too much server space.

Suckering Up

Imagine management suckering up to the ones down the ladder. Imagine giving out compensations and promotions not for talent or performance but for the sheer length of time you’ve been around the organization doing nothing but mediocre work. Imagine having attendance registers maintained not according to alphabetic order but according to seniority – in terms of number of years put in – again.

Now that’s another kind of suckering up isn’t it? Correct me if I am wrong.

Ivan, I thank you for giving me this opportunity to blog in here. Now this post is my way of testing the waters, so to speak. (I heard you groan…) But then someone must also speak about the industry we are in. Granted that there are blogs that do the ranting and raving bit. But shouldn’t you have one on AtoW as well?

Or am I trouble with a capital T?


This is my song, not rhyming but from my hearth. Hope you enjoy. I wrote it and play it with my friends

Stoken bij Geert (Stefan Rutten)

When the moon shines from the heaven,
And the sun is in your hearth,
When you gaze over a patch of grass,
Or the beach for a start.
The feeling of something missing,
A form of jealousy and sorrow combined.
And you know that there’s someone out there. Forgetting You.

It should be sunny and warm,
With the smell of fresh grass and pretty barefoot girls.
But I’m straying off again.

Memories are birds, hovering on the air,
Warm or cold, it doesn’t really matter.
You gain sadness and joy, treasured wit others,
Hopefully plenty of times re-used.
Yearning for the days you were together,
With that one person that really mattered.
Who later on made your lust of life disappear.

It should be warm and late,
With leaves of red and girls with woollen scarves.
But I’m straying off again.

Friends with whom you spend everyday as your last,
Lying in the grass oblivious of harm.
Outside beers, inside beers, celebration beers, it connects.
People you turn to when in need, they’re there for you.
Friends for life or for a short time,
Whenever, love for your life, life as a lust.

It should be cold and white,
With red cheeks which sting in the wind.
But I’m straying off again.

Searching for people who make you taste of joy and happiness,
Music as your safe haven in times of sorrow.
Cold and blue without others in front of the fireplace,
Almost Christmas, new year wishes and expectations you abandoned.
You want to live again, walk around on flip flops, that was nice.
A new year started, new days, new chances, a new chorus line.

It should be green,
With pink flowers who smell like apples on fresh dew.
I think I’m going to stray off.

Kudos to Ivan

I just have to say it: there is nothing out there quite like AotW. And the fact that Ivan does it mostly, if not completely, by himself, is even more amazing. Why am I writing this? Partially, because I don't think I have fully expressed my appreciation for what Ivan does here. But the real reason is his guts. He is putting stuff on here that he thinks is worthy of discussion. He picks things that he likes and sits back and does not attack all of those people who say "next!" or "seen it." or "forced" and "done before." I think we need to applaud Ivan. I know he may not stand 100% behind every ad he posts, but he posts them nonetheless. And I, for one, living in the States, don't get to see most of this stuff until the next issue of Archive. So, may God bless your children. May fate look kindly upon your life. May fortune find an pleasant spot for you under her wing. Kudos to Ivan. You deserve it. Now: everyone. Donate!

Faking Vs. Making Creative

I gave a talk today to a class at a local university about the creative process. I gave them the standard advice of learn photoshop, pick the idea then the photo, don't parody etc... But then I wondered, what if nobody in their groups was creative? The teacher told me beforehand that the reason he wanted me to speak was that this class didn't have much hope, that they were dire in creative and that he was hoping to see excellent work in the research, pr, media parts because he knew he wasn't going to see it in their creative. He was hoping I'd provide a spark but I'm from the school that creative can't be taught.

So what did I do? I told them to copy. That's right- I told them that there are a lot of good ads out there with their theme and that they might be better off following a former great idea than a crappy one of their own. I told them how Shakespeare had updated old fairy tales into great plays, how the art masters would copy former masters before adapting their own style and finally I pointed them to Joe La Pompe's website to show them how many times its been done by big professional agencies.

I didn't know what else to say. Apparently none of these kids want to be on the creative so I don't think I did a disservice but at the same time I don't think I set a very good example. My opinion is that I gave them great short-term advice but following this advice forever would really mess up a career and that's not what I wanted to do. So what would you have done? I'm interested to know how other people would have handled this situation.


i feel surrounded, i felt f*cked here, need more aspirin to make my brain growing, happy ad day 2007

Happy year of the pig

In Malaysia, we are not allowed to use pigs as visuals for our Chinese New Year advertising.

So I made a mickey out of it.

Ironically, it's for another taboo subject/product: condoms.


The dynamite surfing is circulating around here and they keep sending it to me. Funny thing is that I have seen that ad here FIRST at adsoftheworld.com and I tell people about it too as well. This site is so cool that it allows pro/student to post their creations and ruthless people steal ideas from this site as well.
Ivan.. stock options yet?

Blog virgin

I have read many other blogs out here on the interweb... most seem to have a purpose. I'll save my purpose for another day, a day when I realize what my purpose is.

Today I was taught a lesson in patience at my local Loblaws grocery store express lane. Aster, the cashier, less likely to speed up than George Bush to bring back the troops, showed me the redundancies of express lanes. They aren't "express", they are not a means to get you out of the store faster because you are making fewer purchases than those giant buggy pushing juggernauts known as soccer moms. They are a study of human interaction and breaking points. Aster delightfully chatted with all four people who were ahead of me for a mean time of 5 minutes each. I was trapped in the line as there were metal dividers on both my sides and 5 other people behind me. The banter was completely riveting. Who doesn't wan to hear about the letter that lady sent to a tea company and then got free coupons for said tea (which took another 2 minutes to arrange on the cash register).

I waited my turn and kept saying over and over in my head "what would Oprah do"

Stevedores in Bedlam, pt. 1

Henrik removes the small plastic vial from his vest pocket and examines its ridiculously tiny resident. At only 14 frethings long, and slightly shorter than an Otamid, this richly textured and excruciatingly intelligent micro-pigeon would astound those who would rather not be astounded. It would shock those who had no right to be shocked. And it was destined to piss off as many as 13 small island nations. Henrik had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he would do anything to win the affections of Melamine.

At the docks, the drudgery dissipates into the atmosphere, indistinguishable from the amber haze that clings to lamppost and harlot and Squig, the portly foreman at dock 49. Henrik moves wraith-like through the mist, carefully counting the cracks between the boards and spitting in every seventh one. He pats his chest with his fist as though he were trying to release a burp – chin down; lips pursed -- as he had done for most of his 47 years, in spite of the fact that he never – to his recollection – burped. He picked up this nervous tick from his grandfather who -- unfortunately for everyone around – burped and farted without end. In fact, after he uttered his last words on his deathbed at MAV Central Hospital, Budapest; after he blinked his last blink; after he breathed his last breath, he farted his last fart. Like the last drunk to leave the pub, this fart was a little too friendly and hung around way too long. Little Henrik stood there, held his breath and nervously patted his chest. His sister ran from the room. Henrik has not seen her or heard from her since.


all bloggers in the world UNITE!

New forums launched

We now have 3 new language specific forums: http://adsoftheworld.com/forum
Spanish, French and Chinese. Enjoy!

The title of my blog, for your consideration

My friend, Tara, drew me this wicked illustration for my birthday. I wanted to share it with you all. Hope you like it as much as I do.

Start you blog on Ads of the World now for free!

blog buttonWe have a new feature on Ads of the World. You can now start your own blog right here on Ads of the World. Login to your account and see the new menu points in your control panel on the left. You can view your blog and create a new blog post.

Why write here and not start a blogger blog? Because we have thousands of industry professionals hanging out here. Because you get free hosting. Because you get a prestigious adsoftheworld/blog/yourname address, rather than a generic blogger address.

You blog is linked from your profile and is visible for everyone.

Hope we will have a few bloggers writing soon!

Agloco - Own the internet

There are tons of social networking sites. My personal favourite is LinkedIn. But Agloco is somewhat different and takes the concept of revenue sharing from Metacafe. It is promising to share the income they get with you. It is not fully functional yet as it is still in Beta (what a surprise), so all you have to do is sign-up for now. I'm guessing the earlier you sign up the better, because once it gets more popular most of your friends will have already signed up. We will see how it turns out in the near future.

Ads of the World is moving servers

In the last 30 days we had a huge increase in traffic. About 400K unique visitors looked at about 8M pages. I'm extremely grateful to all of you to spread the word about Ads of the World.

To cope with the traffic, we need more power. And I just signed up for a brand new dedicated server. It's the fastest I could find for a reasonable budget, and most importantly, it has RAID 1 to protect the data in case of disk failure.

We are moving the site to the new server on Friday, so for a brief period there will be no new content posted and no comments, forum topics or new member registrations will be allowed.

The address stays the same and you will be able to use the site as normal after all is complete. How fast you switch depends on your ISP and how they setup their DNS.

You should notice faster page loads, hopefully.

As with any change there may be some unforeseen issues. You are encouraged to comment with any problems you experience.

Once the move is over, I will update this message.

If you can read this, it means you're seeing the site on the new server. Thank you for your patience and support. Let me know if you experience any problems, by commenting below!

Strong moderation policies

As requested by many members, I will introduce a strict comment moderation policy.

We want to keep the discussion professional. Many readers are students and professionals at an early stage of their career. They want to understand the motivation behind opinions.

Therefore we will moderate all comments that fail to give a reasoning. Since it is hard to explain this policy in general terms here are a few examples of non acceptable comments:

"crap!", "next...", "bad AD, bad!", "shit idea", "shoot the copywriter", "great", "wow", "?", etc.

I understand that such comments are simply an expression of like or dislike and to address this requirement I will introduce a rating system in the near future.

Hopefully this new policy will encourage commenting members to expand more on their views and hope all of you will find the result of this policy preferable. Sorry from everyone who disagrees.

This policy is effective from now.

Zoopa.com ital-american start up about advertising


Zooppa.com will be officially launched on 1st of March, 2007, but in case you want to participate in the creation of the first viral I though you know about it as soon as possible. So let me paste in the letter from Allison Green, Chief Evangelist of Zooppa:

Why you might be interested in Zooppa.com?
We just launched Zooppa.com, the first ital-american startup about advertising and viral marketing, led by Mr. Big Zooppa, an entrepreneur living in Brooklyn.
Zooppa.com is built on its boss’ strong personality. The result is something completely different in the over-crowded Web 2.0 panorama.

Social advertising: an emerging business model
Zooppa.com's purpose is to create a community of professional and amateur creatives and videomakers that compete in creating the best and the most viral video commercials ever.

During time, Zooppa.com will provide agency briefs sponsored by international brands.
Basing on those briefs, users will be asked to shoot short, effective videos.

Videos will be then available for voting. The community itself will choose the best ones which will be rewarded with real money.

Not only videos will be rewarded: through the Zoopbank it will be possible to gain credits (Zoop$) for different kinds of participations such as voting or submitting a storyboard or an original piece of music. Once a threshold is reached, credits will be converted and paid in US $.

What’s Zooppa.com difference?
We aim to launch a new style in online advertising. First of all, we ask our users to play and have fun with us and with the brands we submit them from time to time. This explains the choice of designing Zooppa.com on its leader odd personality.

Moreover, we want to create a kind of advertising not built on other media models, but clearly focused on the Web. In particular – as everyone will notice after the official launch of Zooppa.com – we will concentrate our efforts in a developing system of blog-oriented advertising.

What's going on right now?
Zooppa.com is currently going through its start-up phase. We decided to give full evidence of it
to the users by offering a rich visual documentation about the frenzy that's going on here.

A first promotional contest has been launched, too: it is about Osè, the cool male underwear brand designed by mr. Big Zooppa himself. Contest is already open to everyone's contribution, winners will be announced by Mr. Zooppa on 28th February.

Help! We need a new server!

Here is the deal. Nobody wants to wait seconds for a page to load. The CPU is running 100% most of the time on the current Dual Twincore 2.8MGhz machine. We need better hardware.

So, if you can offer good free or discounted dedicated hosting, please let me know!

If you can donate a few bucks please do!