Creating a Movement

So we've gotten quite some buzz over this campaign we did to create/launch/promote a new beer in my country (Dominican Republic). A lot of things had to happen before and after we came up with the idea and the strategy and of course the amazing results. If you'd rather read about it, you'll find a not-as-complete summary after the jump. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on this. You can also visit the movement's home on the web: The 1 Movement

Create a new beer in the Dominican Republic for the 18 to 25 age group, a segment that hated advertising and wasn’t loyal to any beer brand as they didn’t identify with any of the existing.

Instead of a beer, we created a movement that promoted self-expression and didn’t look like advertising.

The movement started on the streets through guerrilla work: stickers, viral videos, invasion of live TV broadcasts and posters that appeared all over the city even over existing advertising. The media made it news immediately. Through the bold actions and its philosophy the target started identifying with the movement. Its home was a website where the members decided on any actions and decisions even the look of the beer itself.

A week before the launch we gained DOP$7,000,000 (around USD$250,000) in free-press. This is the average annual advertising budget for most beer brands in the country. More than 250,000 have looked into the movement and there are 6,000+ active members in the community. The beer is the 3rd most sold in the second largest city and the 4th most sold nationally above all local and imported brands like Miller, Heineken, Quilmes, Becks, Budweiser & Corona. Steady 25% weekly-increase in sales during the first five months. Today, the beer is a cult brand.

*NOTE: If you're interested in viewing the case study video with all the details on how everything was done, I'll post a link after Ivan (AoTW Admin) uploads it.


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I will try my best to post it asap.

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Ivan, wassup with the video? Is this for real?
Me wanna see some of that. Thanx.

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the way you described it looks very exciting .....awaiting your post

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Ivan, i thought you were going to post the case study, what happened??