Would you let them in?

Introducing director Jeff Low’s first music video – “We Met” for Jennifer Courvoisier.

Coming out of an election period in Canada, when director Jeff Low saw people canvassing door-to-door for votes, he thought, wouldn’t it be funny if they were asking home-owners if they could come in and dance for them instead of soliciting for votes. So the concept for this music video was born.

When told of the idea, Courvoisier, who Low knows through friends, loved it and the song “We Met” was chosen for the video – which is fitting as they are going around meeting people.

The video was shot over two days in Toronto with Courvoisier and the crew knocking on about 75 doors asking to gain access to perform and film.
“I was surprised by how many people would open their doors to us,” says Low. “It got to the point where we were shocked when people didn’t let us in. I couldn’t believe how many people were willing to let cameras into their homes.”

Song: We Met
Artist: Jennifer Courvoisier
Director / Concept: Jeff Low
Director of Photography: Carey Hollinger & Jeff Low
Editor: Jeff Low


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