World web network revolutionizes online advertising measurement tools for global brand campaigns

World Web Network (WWN), a leading online international advertising sales agency, today introduces a ground-breaking technology that will change the way online-branding campaign effectiveness is measured. WWN’s new system, Brand Exposure Duration (BED), precisely monitors the visibility time of each banner on a Web page, enabling clients to evaluate the effectiveness of each ad and make changes to maximize viewing duration. This technology will not only help advertisers optimize their campaigns based on efficient ad placement, but will also help Web publishers sell ad space with proven statistics to back it up.

“We’re always looking for new ways to bring value to our clients, and this system, combined with a worldwide network of publishers, sets us apart from the competition,” said Jay Kelty, managing director, World Web Network, U.S.

"In a digital world, online ad spending still pales next to TV and print ad buys. This is largely due to the limitations of current measurement tools to effectively gauge online branding exposure,” said Pierre de Grandmaison, founder, World Web Network. “With Brand Exposure Duration technology, WWN provides clients with statistics that show the amount of time each user spends with each impression and how many impressions are actually.

This game-changing technology was created by France-based company, Alenty, and is exclusive to WWN. Its intuitive design precisely measures the amount of time that a banner is visible on the page and the web surfer is active. Time is only tallied when the script detects a regular mouse-keyboard activity. After ten seconds of idle time, the tool will pause until activity returns, ensuring a reliable metric. For a demonstration of the technology positioning WWN as an innovative leader in online advertising, visit this link.

With the recent opening of its New York City office, WWN is expanding its reach to provide a more personal contact stateside. The eight-year old company has a network of more than 350 Web publishers in 50 countries, providing clients with a one-stop solution for maximizing their global branding campaigns. The company services global brands, such as Air France, Allianz, Barclays, Cap Gemini, UBS, Gemalto, Skyteam and BNP Paribas.