Wingsplay, the Viral Video Advertising Network

Wingsplay is the first platform dedicated to connecting viral video advertisers with influential social media users.

Our ambition is to create the most efficient video advertising network ever, by leveraging the publishers who generate the most viral actions: influential social media users, as well as the most entertaining promotional content: viral video ads.

On Wingsplay, influential social media users discover the latest viral video ads before anyone else. When they view a video they particularly like, they share it on social networks and blogs, and make money each time the video is being viewed. Wingsplay is designed to create a fun and entertaining experience, for influencers and their audience, friends, fans and followers.

Wingsplay also allows advertisers to seed their viral videos through the social media users who generate the most engagement on social media (i.e. social networks and blogs). By seeding their viral videos on Wingsplay, advertisers will be able to directly leverage the social media users who generate the most viral actions, thus giving their content:

- more virality (because the video is shared by influencers, who generate high levels of engagement and viral actions),

- more visibility (because the video appears directly in the user’s stream or is integrated to the blog’s content section, bypassing the “banner blindness” condition ), and

- more impact (because the video is shared by influencers who have built strong ties to their audience) compared to traditional video advertising networks.

Wingsplay is the video advertising network of the social media age, where publishers are influential social media users, generating much more engagement and higher ROI for advertisers.


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ohh sounds like a good advertisement idea must have a look