Why Google+ will suddenly take off in the next few month

Google a few weeks ago introduced a new feature on search. Try searching for "Ads of the World" on Google and you will see a section in the right sidebar showing latest posts from Google+ for business/community pages. This is like a free AdWords campaign for your Google+ page.

See the image below from Gplus Data how this change influenced follower growth. The average of 4 new followers increased 37 fold to an average of 150 new followers.

Currently Ads of the World has huge following on Twitter with about 100 and Facebook with 200 new followers per day. If Google+ can keep up the pace of 150 new followers for business/community pages it can become as important as Twitter in a year or so. It's not going to take over Facebook however anytime soon.

Personal accounts recently got a boost too. Blogger received a serious Google+ integration with comments which will drive more personal users to Google+ through Blogger. And more integration of Google services are on the way.

I'm happy for these developments because Google+ has a good set of features and it pushes Facebook to innovate at a faster rate taking clues from Google+. We the users will win in result of this competition.

Updating three accounts is too much for most people of course even though they have a different focus. Most users will choose to use just one or two depending on their primary needs. Facebook is all about family and friends, Twitter about news updated and Google+ is mostly about engagements on topics that interest you. Are you active on any of these social networks and do you plan to move to Google+ any time soon?

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I completely agree! Google+ is a great way for businesses and nonprofits to get their name out. I'm interning at a nonprofit called 1Mission. The nonprofit helps people attain better housing in Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador. For more information, visit