What if Santa was an agency?

Indian advertising shop Watercrab imagined what would happen if Santa was an agency.


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ghada said
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that's too good , and true :D

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Really true Santa!)

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What if clients read this post? ;)

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Pete R.
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Nice illustrations.

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Thanks for updating the post that Watercrab is an Indian agency not Irish.

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Thanks for pointing out the typo on Twitter. The link was at least correct pointing to the Indian agency.

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The comparison is misleading, advertising agencies have nothing to give .

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Charlie Vietnam
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hahaha....great imply ;)

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In all honesty, this post sheds light on something that all creatives face on a daily basis: an ever-changing consumer economy with a disconnect between expectation and reality. In the first ad, we see the client (kid) asking Santa, or the designer for a complete change in wrapping and content. As designers, we see this every day: Clients asking for more than they are paying for. Lets be honest, many people expect designers to cater to their every need without putting their money where their mouth is. This series depicts each and every common expectation on the client level. I agree that clients are important, and honestly, that’s where we as designers make money, but to a certain extent, we shouldn’t hand out our creativity as a gift. Our creativity is something that we rely on, and that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s our gift that keeps on giving.

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haha great

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very funny