What Does an Inspired Creative Brief Look Like?

Adapted from How To Write An Inspired Creative Brief (
By Howard Ibach
Dateline: October 5, 2009

It turns out that no two briefs look exactly alike. That’s good.

It speaks well for a document that it can be so important and still be adaptable. It’s organic, not static. (And it’s not rocket science!)

The creative briefs you’ll review here are, quite simply, well-written and inspired documents. And they’re different in one way or another from each other.

But pay close attention to what they have in common. And to the vocabulary used by the writers to answer each section. These examples are from UK agencies. The UK is the birthplace of the art and science of account planning. Many believe that our British cousins are the finest creative-brief writers on the planet. I agree.

It’s my job to help correct this imbalance. Beginning with you. Let’s examine each brief for its strengths and, if we can find them, weaknesses.

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