Utrecht University crowdsources campaign

In collaboration with CreatAd, Utrecht University initiates today (31 August) a viral competition for the development of its new national and international marketing campaign. CreatAd is a platform specialising in creating user-generated advertising campaigns. Utrecht University hopes the partnership will result in virals that demonstrate in a single glance that it is the best university for talented and ambitious students. The winning entries will be used in the university marketing campaign.

Utrecht University is the first Dutch university to invite the public to contribute ideas to a viral campaign aimed at prospective Dutch and international students.

Shared via Hyves, Facebook and Twitter

According to Bas Schreiner, manager of marketing communication at Utrecht University, ‘We are calling on creative minds to create a design, animation or video about Utrecht University – this is a unique opportunity for ambitious young creative types to work on our campaign.’ The competition participants can link their entries directly to Hyves, Facebook or Twitter to enhance the competition’s viral dimension. The fact that young people are invited to contribute their creations and to share their designs via their favourite social network gives the campaign a more personal touch. It also means that current and prospective students will identify more with the campaign. According to CreatAd founder, Sander de Jonge, ‘It’s crucial for Utrecht University to use these aspects to demonstrate that the campaign is being developed both for and in collaboration with a particular target group.’

Competition starts 31 August

The four best entries will receive a total of €2200 in prize money. The competition starts on 31 August. The Utrecht University jury will select one of the winners, the public the other three according to a point system. The three contestants who have shared their entries the most widely via social networks, blogs and other websites will receive the most points. Those who wish to participate in the competition must submit their designs by 6 November and should read the competition briefing on the website.

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Sounds like a great idea. Viral & crowdsourcing campaigns can be very difficult.

But, I think our designer will be interested. How much is 2200 euros in Aussie dollars?:)

Gordon Whitehead

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Yep, crowdsourcing can indeed be a difficult beast to tame. But something tells me this is going to work out for them.

Bryant Smith