Turn toothpaste into a controller

In Advertising we always try to find the next big, hip cool way to advertise our products.

We are in a constant battle to get more people talking about our products & brands and to find new ways that haven’t been done before.

Recently I came across a young, hip company that offers a brand new technology that can do just that. CamSpace is a promising technology company from Israel. It has developed a unique platform, based on computer vision that turns any object or product (tub of yogurt, can, box, bottle, etc) into an interactive computer controller and that lets the controller operate games and experiences. The platform knows how to detect a particular brand of product and you can even use just your hands to navigate through a website! You can run this technology in POS, outside activities and the internet which give you an interesting cross media and platform solution.

Demonstration of the technology:

Demonstration of product detection:

This company was selected as one of Israel’s most promising start-ups for 2009 by the Globes (the Israeli fortune magazine). Recently the company produced a unique campaign with McCann Digital for Samsung. On this website you use only your hands to navigate through. Unfortunately the required plug-in isn't available for the Mac yet, but CamSpace is working on it.

Perhaps if you’re looking to do a cool interactive campaign you may want to check them out. Email: