Tomorrow Awards

Not long ago we were almost unanimously in agreement about how the current award system is flawed. Later award shows responded with large promises, which is a great development. Now, we have a brand new show promising something entirely new: Tomorrow Awards.

The basic premise of Tomorrow Awards is simple. It aims to completely change the way creative work is awarded. First, it's the only global category neutral award show that focuses on ideas regardless of the media or platform. The judging system is also completely new since they're asking the whole industry to go through all the work and make the shortlist before the Monster Judges go through it and decide on the winners.

TA decided to make it a quarterly award show to mirror the fact that new work becomes obsolete, and well, old so fast these days that it makes more sense to showcase it and to award it as it comes.

TA is also giving out 10% of each entry to a scholarship fund. For the inaugural year, they've decided to split that between VCU Brandcenter in Richmond VA and Hyper Island in Sweden.

You can enter awards here.

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The Tomorrow Awards appear to be an innovative, simple and promising decision to promote and honor advertisements in a fair manner. It's always interesting to see what advertisements the public enjoys the most. This is a great way to display the work/art/creativity/time/effort that is put into an advertisement.

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