The Future Of Agency Relationships

Marketers need To Lead Agency Change in The Adaptive Marketing Era
by Sean Corcoran, Dave Frankland, and Vidya Drego with David Cooperstein, Michael Greene, and Jennifer Wise

Agencies continually reinvent themselves to serve their clients — they have to quickly adapt to changes in marketing strategy, media, technology, and society. And with the rise of social media and digital proliferation, we are entering an Adaptive Marketing era. In this era, mass media is no longer the foundation of marketing communication, forcing yet another change in the expectations of what marketing agencies can and should deliver. Marketers should assess their partners using the three I’s — ideas, interaction, and intelligence — to select the right partners. Marketers who change their thinking will lay the groundwork for partners that are more agile, can build long-term relationships with active customers and communities, and can use data to drive real-time decisions.

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