The birth of Kids Love Jetlag, a creative digital influence agency

Fred & Farid have announced the creation of KIDS LOVE JETLAG, a creative influence agency.

Unlike other FRED & FARID GROUP agencies (FRED & FARID PARIS, HELLO SUNSHINE, EDDI&SON, FURIOUS MONKEYS), this 5th agency has been developing across different fields and, in addition to their "hard-core" of digital strategists and community managers, integrates a number of social network devotees who currently work within those 4 existing agencies.

Today, “KIDS LOVE JETLAG” group includes 22 members selected for their addiction to social networks and their recorded scores and use of Klout, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google +, Tumblr, Instagram, Lockerz and other personal blogs. From time to time, the group will also selectively invite some young people from outside the group to join in.

The Kids are already busy working on the group’s brands such as Audi, Société Générale, Schweppes, Orangina, Wrangler, Lesieur, and Bongrain.

See some opening event shoots.

Look at some stills from the the promo video.

Watch the promo video.

Visit their new website