Tattoo as an advertising media space

Fred is a creative at the ad agency Leo Burnett Madrid. Fred had been wanting a tattoo for a long time, but could never decide on one. Until one day he finally chose a QR code... and he programmed it to show all the different contents he wanted. Videos, photos, texts ... whatever. He talked to more than 20 tattoo artists until he found the one who was willing to accept the job. It was a difficult tattoo... in fact, it took him more than 4 hours to finish it. When the agency saw Fred’s new tattoo they saw a great opportunity as well: a new media space was born. It's a media space with many advantages: innovative, it has access to a wide variety of targets, with huge impact in all kinds of media... So now it’s time for any brand who dares to take a chance to go down in history and become the first company in the world to advertise on Fred’s arm. Are you interested? All you need is to bid on eBay. The highest bidder will win a month on Fred’s arm to advertise whatever he wants. The bid starts with €1 and you have until April 26th to participate. Surf and get informed. It’s that simple!


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The bid is up to 90,000€ already.

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Sajith Narayanan
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Instead of bidding for Fred over 1,00,000€, a brand can run a contest to chose their brand ambassadors and distribute the booty to them for carrying the brand's code for a year. The code could even be designed with the logo around the QR code which lead viewers to the brand's youtube channel or microsite.
An easier and better execution of this idea was the 'Open your world' campaign by Heineken .

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I wouldn't buy the tattoo space on Fred's arm, as the credibility of the space is so specifically tied to one person's reputation, but it certainly opens up the possibility of what one person might do to promote themselves. Perhaps the idea of personal QR Codes is an opportunity, however. Create your own, and wear it, not on your skin, but perhaps on your jacket, ball cap, or wherever else. Companies could also be more creative with QR Codes - perhaps a corporate lobby could create a QR Code entirely in wall tiles - which could list all of their tenants....lots of possibilities!

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As to the price, I could see a lot more money being bid for the back (or top) of a bald guy's head - ESPECIALLY if he were EXCEPTIONALLY TALL! How much is Fred's little old arm actually going to be seen?!

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This is a pretty interesting idea. It takes some pretty exceptional skills to tattoo a qr code on someones forearm. I am curious to see who actually buys the ad space. I agree with JacqStrat ^ not sure who is going to see Fred's arm. I like the bald head idea better. It's amazing that we can access all forms of media through someones arm.

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Interesting idea of advertising but in my humble opinion there are other option or form of advertising that we could use
rather than our own body. But still this is the internet generation, anything kind of advertising is possible.

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Jose Palomino
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Jcunnion & JacqStrat - Agreed, how much of the arm is going to be seen or how big is going to be? This might be a good opportunity for a clothing or sports industry to "bid" on. Though I may not be the first to jump in and get a tattoo of a QR code or ask someone to get my company's QR code... still a pretty innovative idea. This does really bringing a whole new meaning to the term "social media."

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