Subsciptions on AotW

Subscriptions is a feature on AotW that allows you to be notified by email when certain content is updated on the site.

This subscription feature has been updated on Ads of the World today to make it fully customizable to your needs. Please take time to read what the current system does and how you can modify it to you liking.

This is the default behavior:

Currently by default when you create a new forum topic or you comment on any page you will automatically subscribe to it. You will receive one daily email with a link to the subscribed pages that received updates. This email includes links to these pages and the comments, so you don't even have to visit the links to be able to follow the conversation. These settings will suit most readers, but you have the option to change it.

Change default behaviour:

• Switch off auto subscriptions, so you have to manually press the subscribe button on the page to subscribe. This will reduce the amount of content in the email you receive, but you will have to manually subscribe to pages.
• Switch off digest mode so you receive en email as soon as the content is updated, not only once a day. This will increase the number of emails you receive, but you will be notified instantly.
• Uncheck everything to disable emails. (Check the Pages, Content Types and Categories tabs to disable all subscriptions.)

Where to change default behaviour:

1. Click My Account from the right drop down menu.
2. Select the Subscriptions menu.
3. Click Settings to open settings.
4. Check or uncheck options to your liking.

You can also manage your current Subscriptions under the Subscriptions menu for Pages, Content Types (Blog, Forum, Image, Video, etc.) or Categories (Automotive, Europe, Argentina, etc.)


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I keep getting auto-subscribed to digest emails from you in spite of having time and again unsubscribed and unchecked the appropriate options. please make it stop. I have no clue what else to uncheck.

this blows. the default option should be to not be subscribed. respect my inbox or you'll get a dead account in its place.

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I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. You have no active subscriptions and your auto-subscribe is off as well. Please contact me if you still get any emails.

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