Steve Jobs Homage Ads

Advertising Agency: DDB, Dubai, UAE
Executive Creative Director: Shehzad Yunus
Art Director: Dinesh Gore
Copywriter: Shehzad Yunus

Advertising Agency: Raineri Design, Italy
Art Director: Gigi Pasquinelli

Advertising Agency: Agency4e7, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director: Alex Schönburg
Art Director: André Huber

Advertising Agency: Avrett Free Ginsberg

Advertising Agency: Federico Mauro, Rome, Italy
Creative: Federico Mauro

Creative: Daniel Rehpani

Advertising Agency: Periscope, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Art Director: Brian Boord
Copywriters: Scott Dahl, Rob Peichel
Illustrator: Brian Boord

Creative: Enrique Espinoza

Advertising Agency: Maksim Fulltime, Guayaquil Ecuador
Chief Creative Officers: Jimmy Landaburu, Chuck Vallarino
Art Director: Jimmy Landaburu
Copywriter: Freddy Ordoñez

Advertising Agency: Redlime, Sri Lanka

Advertising Agency: Bang In The Middle, Gurgaon, India
Chief Creative Officer: Prathap Suthan
Art Director / Copywriter: Viral Pandya

Advertising Agency: agenta agenturgruppe, Münster, Hamburg, Berlin
Managing Directors: Oliver Grage, Andre Schmechta, Michael Hartung
Creative Directors: Dominik Heinrich, Christian Broll, Stefan Stumpe
Art Directors: Ulrich Hock, Manfred Teschlade, Bettina Schnake

Advertising Agency: DDB Cairo, Egypt
Creative / Illustrator: Ahmed El Habashy

Advertising Agency: Erwin Penland, USA
Executive Creative Director: Andy Mendelsohn
Associate Creative Directors: Stephen Childress, Rick Bryson

Advertising Agency: The Lab Ideas
Creative Director: Mariano Kalmus

Creative: Odysseas Galinos- Paparounis

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG 360, Lyon, France
Executive Creative Director: Hugues Pinguet, Stéphane Morel
Art Director: Quentin Delachaux
Copywriter: Stéphane Le Frapper

Creative: Craig Fitzgerald

Eduardo Rodriguez
Copy and Art Director

Advertising Agency: Aayan Communication
Executive Creative Director: Fayyaz
Creative Director: Ali Saeed
Copy Writer: Faiz Ahmed

Advertising Agency: Extra Credit Projects, Grand Rapids, MI USA
Creative Director: Rob Jackson
Art Director: Josh Best
Copywriter: Scott Schermer

Advertising Agency: Mangomedia, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
Creative Director: Martin Cheren
Art Director: Martin Cheren
Copywriters: Martin Cheren, Massimiliano Ricci

Advertising Agency: San José, Costa Rica
Creative Director: David Carvajal
Art Director / Copywriter: David Carvajal

Advertising Agency: ACTIF Advertising Agency, Costa Rica

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Montreal, Canada
Creative Directors: Nicolas Massey, Carl Robichaud
Art Director: Carl Robichard
Copywriters: Nicolas Massey, Luc Mérineau

Advertising Agency: AUFBRUCH, Düsseldorf, Germany
Art Director: Alexander Gerlings
Junior Art Director: Magnus Siemens
Copywriter: Robert Meißner

Advertising Agency: Evolution Alexandria, Egypt
Art Director: Khaled Soliman

Advertising Agency: vollblutwerber
Creative: Malte C. Bayer

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Sri Lanka

Advertising Agency: dlk estudio, Caracas, Venezuela
Creative: Joel Pallotta

Advertising Agency: Paradigmplus, India, Pune
Creative Director: Nitin Adake
Art Directors: Nitin Adake, Dinesh Sapkale
Copywriter: Nitin Adake
Typography: Nitin Adake, Dinesh Sapkale
Published: Octover 2011

Advertising Agency: Friday Creative
Creative: Milan Vuckovic

Creative: Elmalah Ahmed

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Colombia
Copywriter: Marvin Leiva
Art Director: Jorge Valencia

Advertising Agency: DDB, Cairo, Egypt
Creative / Art work : Muhammad Salah

Creative: Ahmed@TheYellowDesigns

Advertising Agency: Bader Rutter, USA
Creative Director: Mike Fredrick
Art Director / Copywriter: James Madsen


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All these are great! However, I do not understand "Apple + Q". Can someone explain?

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Command-Q is the Quit application command on OS X.

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Where did all these come from, perhaps devout Apple employees, and Fans. The difference between Steve's fans and Apple Fans is that all Steve's fan have already sort tent else where, given the double blow dealt; the death of jobs and the failure of Iphone 5.

Steve Jobs was a True Icon, not until i read his bio, did i come to appreciate the accolades accorded to the man Behind APPLE INC.

Ralph Shults

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Iphone Fans on the other hand, are just folks blind to the act that Apple Iphones wont be the same without Steve Jobs.

Ralph Shults

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you should add this one, which is the best i guess..

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Come on people !!!!!
FaceBook is full of this pictures
The agency is just copy / paste them
They forgot the apple wit the shape of Steve face , The apple with tear ,and many more ......
i dont like when somebody take the credits for others idea

FAIR PLAY IN ADvertising !!!!!!


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@ wdelpino


*thumbs up*

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Thought different. Clap clap.

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I don't see something extraordinary or some ideas greater than those were posted on Facebook. But I appreciate the effort to show some humanity here. Pray for the last wonderful man we may found only in this decade.

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Sending my AD...

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How can i do to post?

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nice work for all

Rest in peace .... Steve Jobs

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Some of these are down right creepy and hypocritical. Just some small time agencies desperately trying to cash in on Jobs death.

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Change the World

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Why isn't this one here? Not an agency? Good one tho...

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Mike Wilson
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We have created three unique wallpapers for the desktop with Steve Jobs’ photo and his inspiring quotes. We think it might be interesting for you.


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We'll miss you Steve...

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Salute to that Legendary man........God will bring him back for any other revolution of Humanity...
We all miss him a lot...
Without him even Techonlogy cant took birth..." Father of Technology "
Bbyee Steve.....

N last but not the least...great works, great thoughts, great presentation.........
proud to see such works...

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stay hungry stay foolish

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Dave Cooper Creative
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Steve Jobs' vision taught me to "Think Different" from the start and inspired me to take the Mac route into CyberSpace! These ads are the respected remembrance and the celebration of a man who inspired us all. The ads are inventive (some more than others) and they are all a tribute and testament to thinking different.

The ads originally produced to usher in the new age of Mac were simple and stood out from the rest of what the PC community was producing. These ads reflect that simplicity. I love them!

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These are all fabulous!

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These are all very touching and creative. Steve Jobs truly changed the world of advertising by invented products that everyone wanted and needed to have. It is a tragedy such a legendary innovator has passed.

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May he rest in peace, we miss him. =(

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It will be a long time until we can find another Steve Jobs. IMO he changed the world a lot more than any other CEOs.

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wow... he was really the person who i want to admire...

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