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I want some feedback on this please, with the ever popular job of advertising becoming a dog eat dog world and the increasing amount of students wanting to enter an already crowded industry what are your opinions on the following. I know a lot of students must use this resourceful site and hopefully this can teach them what many schools or colleges aren't

1. What not to have in a book? ( i.e no viagra, durex, wwf, global warming ads)
2. What makes a good book and what makes a bad one?

Also I want you to imagine how hard it was for you yourselfs to get a job in advertising, so share your wisdom and advice because so much talent must be getting over looked these days, its hard enough to get a book crit never mind a placement


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This idea came about whilst looking throough the forums and I've seen so many students doing the same over done and award winning clients, so lets help students get it right

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1. I don't think there are forbidden subjects in a book. If you make something really creative for Viagra or WWF you should keep it.
2. A good book is a book with a lot of creative ideas. I know, very simple to say, but difficult to do!
What I also try to do is to have different kind of ideas, medias and products. Try to show you can work in very different disciplines with always a high creative level.
An other important thing is to try to have feedback. Work in a team or show your work to other people (friends, family, professionals...) and make your ideas simple and clear. If you can't find the right images or if your photoshop skills aren't very high, don't loose your time and make a simple rough.

And, most important of all: visit Ads of the World, at least twice a day!

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1. bad ads. also lousy ads, ads with juvenile humor, ads with ideas that have been done a million times before etc. it's not about what brand or product category you should have there. it's more important that you have good ideas in there (while it's true that when I see an above the average ad for some dull product I'll appreciate it maybe even more than the next oh-so-creative ad for Viagra)

2. good ides. there should be definitely some basic criteria about semi-professional look (just get a template off blogger or wordpress). but unless you'll blow a lot of hot air about how great you are, nothing else, but the ideas are important.
*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!