Snickers campaign goes Absolut

One measure of success for advertising is when people start creating their own iterations of a campaign. Remember the millions of Absolut ads or the funny mockup ads made for MasterCard's priceless.

It looks like Snickers' award winning campaign with made up words going viral too. Check out the irreverent and ads below from Craig Baldo.


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meh. theres gotta be funnier than these.. and the hitler one is just in poor taste. a good parady would be "get dunked on by patrick jewing" and give him a jewfro and a star of david necklace..

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But then what would it have to do with Snickers? It would just be a jewish wig gag. Tie it back to Snickers and have another crack at it.

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they already have a 'get dunked on by patrick chewing' commercial, and its not as funny as testing negative for chocolate aids.

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Love these and love the Snickers campaign.

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These are way funnier than the actual Snickers campaign, even if a few are in bad taste. Nevertheless, these made me chuckle while the ad campaign is just okay by comparison.

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