Snapwire: crowdsourced creative images

Snapwire is a platform for businesses and brands to get on-demand creative imagery from talented mobile photographers. Buyers post photo requests on Snapwire, photographers submit their most creative photos to match, and the best images get purchased.

Getting images to fit a creative need can be painful for buyers. Instead of having to retrofit their creative ideas into existing, overused stock photography, on Snapwire buyers can request unique creative imagery directly the people that create them, while rewarding mobile photographers fairly.

Snapwire is currently in private beta only and you can apply for an early invite at here.


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I like the idea of snap wire of I shoot, I want. In my opinion that the photograph is one of the best way to get attention in advertising to send a message to whom you want a to get it. I think snap wire get their idea in a simple way to shoot or to want a photo.

I'm taking an advertising class, so I'm looking forward to knowing more about advertising because I think it's the first or important way to make the consumer receive the message from your business.

so its a good idea to join this website and learn from you guys good job!