We have never had such an array of working technology. In the past we had to comprimise between our wishes and needs and how ell the technology was able to meet them. Right now, the day when Search Engines evolved and transformed into new personalize "search medium" for all human kind, we urge for more sense of reality.

We know people love news and newsletters and we know information is the biggest seller in the Internet. However rich media advertisement has became a another forms of online communications. More and more, TV Commercial ads went online.

DoubleClick has releases the results of its recent research of online advertisement, video ads is a highly effective format for online advertising. The results shows that users tend to click on "play" button more than they click on image ads. "Online video ads are quickly becoming the medium of choice to drive both brand awareness and sales," said Rick Bruner, research director at DoubleClick.

The above statement has show the effectiveness of Live and Real Rich Media Channel. Recently , a Malaysian Search Engines Marketing Firm has posted a new impressive LIVE VIDEOS NEWS ALERT on it's blog (Search Engines Center) , whereby the blog focuses on all sort Search Engines Marketing issues and Search Engines Optimization Techniques. This Video blogs has just launched for its fifth day review, and it allows any site owners or blog owners to feed in their latest Search Engines Video News Releases. WebbAlert -Your daily tech round-up will going to add more features from time to time, stay tune and enjoy the "everyday search engines video news alert".