Samsung shooting new anti-Apple commercial

Samsung shooting new anti-Apple commercial

Samsung prepares another straw man argument against Apple in their new commercial building a deliberately poorly executed mock-up Apple Store as shown in the images.

In my opinion Samsung's advertising strategy should be focused on pointing out what's great about their products and not on making fun of their main competitor. Putting others down doesn't lift you up, just makes a sad statement about you playing catch up instead of being a trend-setter.

I understand that on one hand they think they must feed the furious mob of Apple haters with new material to keep them loyal. But I think the approach would only be excusable from a marketing perspective if the campaign besides providing a schadenfreude sensation it also had an original strategic approach. Unfortunately Samsung with its campaign copies (no surprise) the old Get a Mac campaign where Apple ridiculed PC (Windows) in a series of face-off spots.

The problem is judging by the first spot however Samsung misses the razor sharp focus on important features, which was something the Apple campaign was really good at. Samsung's ad focuses on criticizing Apple for a superficial and let's be honest unrealistic problem, the need to stand in line for the iPhone instead of talking about real and tangible consumer benefits like being able to swap the battery out. They do talk about the screen size and the 4G speeds, but more like an afterthought rather than as the main message.

I will of course reserve my final judgement for the upcoming ad until I see it, but I'm afraid if Samsung keeps showing a lack of class in their marketing communication they are not going to win over too many iPhone users. They will only keep preaching to the choir.

Having said that Apple's latest marketing strategy lacks focus too with the three mac genius spots that Apple pulled after showing it just a few times.

Images via Verge.

Samsung shooting new anti-Apple commercial
Samsung shooting new anti-Apple commercial
Samsung shooting new anti-Apple commercial


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