Running on two servers

We upgraded the machines under AotW over the weekend. We now have two superfast dedicated computers serving us.

You should feel significant increase in speeds when browsing AotW. Average page generation is now only about 0.5 seconds.

This extra CPU power allows for further developments of the site. Please contact me if you want to see something new to be implemented on AotW.

Update: I forgot that media like movies is served from a 3rd server, so in total 3 servers are running AotW.

Update 2: There is a problem with our video server, so videos load very slow. Fixing it right now. Sorry!

Update 3: All issues fixed now.


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ohhhh gggoooddyy now i can comment faster than ever

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Yes, you should be able to comment faster. Let me know how it feels after a day or so...

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So, kudos from Argentina, Sir!

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