RIP Apple Get a Mac Campaign

The Get a Mac advertising campaign recently came to an end. The ads, first broadcast in 2006 now can no longer be found on Apple's site. Instead, the usual link now takes you to a page explaining the reasons why you should buy a Mac.

OneMoreThingPodcast has put together a fitting tribute to the many 30 second gems that have amused us over the last five years. Thank you John Hodgman (an Apple user for over 20 years) for the role of PC, Justin Long for the role of Mac and the creative team at TBWA\Media Arts Lab for these 3 entertaining years.

Watch Get a Mac ads here.


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Refreshingly simple, entertaining and memorable campaign.

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Jaap Grolleman
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Yeah great campaign, loved by Mac users, hated by Windows users.

Only thing I find weird about the link provided is last point, saying it runs Windows software. Why make that a selling point, seems weird to me.

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Personally, I always hated this campaign. The Mac guy is so smug and the PC guy is actually much more likable. And I'm a Mac guy!

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get a pc! u aint a Mac target obviously! lol

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duvet covers
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I am not interested about mac. I only interested about linux because it is costless also interested about windows if can be used in our general pc and also can be used pirated virsion.

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Simple, direct & memorable

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