Return of The Ashes

Wildfire is a serious and recurring problem in Thailand. Between 1985 and today, 92,106 wildfire incidents have occurred, 95% of it manmade, damaging a total of 55,600 acres of priceless rainforest and agricultural land. Firefighters are also in short supply, often inadequately equipped. The result is an ever increasing number of wildfires, from year to year. The Thai Forestry department, in partnership with Caran D’Ache, created the Return of the Ashes project in order to gather funds. All proceeds will go to increasing the number of firefighters and supplying them with better equipment with which to combat wildfires.

The Return of the Ashes project gathered ashes and cinders from trees damaged by wildfire and transformed them into an charcoal pencil set. The pencil cases were also made from fire-damaged trees that have toppled and died. The branches from these dead trees were also put to use. They were meticulously transformed into charcoal pencils, and then packed. These limited edition, artisanal charcoal pencil sets were then put on sale in Caran D’Ache shops, with all proceeds going to firefighting division of the Thai Department of Forestry.


All the posters for the Return of the Ashes project were made using different parts of the burnt tree, from bark, branch, leaf and ash. These ingredients then underwent the printing process to form all the elements seen on the poster.


The Return of the Ashes exhibition was created to inform the public about the threat of wildfire in Thailand. To emphasize the threat, we used different parts of the burnt tree as visual data in order to communicate information, statistics and the awful consequences of wildfire.


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The branches from these dead trees were also put to use.