Resubmitted campaigns win Cannes Lions in 2010

Cannes Lions submission rule no. 5: "Advertisements must not have been entered in Press Lions in the Festival in previous years". In reality not everyone respects this rule.


First Ogilvy Mexico's Scrabble campaign shown below was submitted and has not even received a short-list in 2009. In 2010 it wins a Grand Prix. Since it has been withdrawn.


Second, ALMAPBBDO's Havaianas campaign shortlisted in 2009 gets resubmitted in 2010 and wins a Press Bronze.

Screenshoot of the shortlist in 2009:

Screenshoot of the win in 2010:

You can check out the campaign on Ads of the World:

Cheer Dark

Third, Leo Burnett Canada gets a shortlist in 2009 for P&G's Cheer Dark brand and wins a Press Bronze in 2010.

Screenshoot 2009:

Screenshoot 2010:

You can check out this campaign on AotW as well:

Adage and spotted these.


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This festival is becoming a joke, Ivan. The Ads of the World winners are much better, in my opinion.

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That's because you guys are judging. The wisdom of the crowd. And, thanks so much. :)

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Yes that is so true...Can't believe the kind of work has won......It's lame

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Ivan, I love your site (obviously, I'm here most every day, lol)...

I think the ads you feature here are inspiring, and though provoking. Even the bad ones!

But... this award show shit has GOT to stop. I (stupidly) thought it would end w/ the whole DDB Brazil debacle. But it didn't.

Just look at The One Show, Cannes, CA, D&AD, etc, etc for the last 5 years and ALMOST EVERYTHING IN THERE is SCAM. Or even, in these cases, blatant rip-offs.

And It seems like it's become a Global plague lately, because apparently it's easier to do fake work in Brazil, Israel, Dubai, etc, etc.

But the main problem is that these awards MAKE PEOPLE'S CAREERS! They become bosses! OUR bosses! All because they CHEAT.

What other industry rewards cheating on this kind of scale?


We should be ashamed of ourselves. The award show circuit is the biggest circle jerk in the history of circle jerks, and it's ruining our industry. These cheating clown boys that win these awards become bosses, get put in charge of large accounts and then LOSE THE BUSINESS !

It's absolutely insane!

All because our recruiters and head hunters are pathetic star fuckers. There's no rewarding real talent in this business anymore (doing the best work you can, for difficult clients, under unique circumstances). It's all about who can get their little 'pet' idea produced the best, and then slap an appropriate logo on it, and "run" it in Zimbabwe in the middle of the fucking night.


As an industry, we should be absolutely ashamed of ourselves.

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I agree with your sentiments. Awards should not be taken too seriously. They are a bit of a lottery and a bit of fun that's all.

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I wish it were that simple. Who would you hire - a non-winner at any show or someone who's got a Lion or two? We all wish it were as innocent as fun and games, but this unfortunately, is how careers are made. Most of the time, at least.

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awards shmawards bleh bleh bleh

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I think it's amazing how Almap rolls out the same Havaianas ads year after year and still wins awards.

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Thanks for sharing that amazing video with us.Glad to watching that video.

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that is very very true this festival is becoming a joke we need the judging and the wisdom of the crowd.
martin mwangi from nairobi

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Like the Olympics, they should do random checks. But compulsory for all winners. If they find the work to be scam, the creative team (ECDs included) and suits involved will be banned from the show for 5 years. I'm sick and tired of seeing that kind of shit at the shows.

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Guys, the Cheer Dark campaign was entered in a different category. It didn't win in "Industry" category, so the next year they put into "photography" and for the photo it's got the lion. Out of these three works, this one is excused. Photography is judged in a different way to the regular categories. Other two cases simply left me speechless. Not because people entered the works two times in a row but because it got an award with the second time i.e. after a year, which seems to be an awful lot of time in the industry. Strange.

To cheer you up. Haven't you noticed that such things rarely happen in the cyber or direct? And btw, these were most original and interesting categories this year.

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Thanks for the explanation.

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cody beach
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it will be colder than last year.

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fifa 15 coins

Call it even.

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