50 funniest Homer Simpson Quotes

“Sólo porque no me importe, no significa que no entienda”
“Hijo si deseas triunfar en esta vida tienes que trabajar duro. Ahora cállate y deja escuchar los números de la Lotería”
“Bueno ya es la una de la madrugada, será mejor irme a casa y pasar un rato agradable con mi familia”
“Ustedes saben niños, un reactor nuclear es como una mujer, sólo debes leer el manual y apretar los botones correctos”
“Lisa si no te gusta tu trabajo, no hagas huelga, ve todos los día y trabaja a la mitad. Ese es el estilo americano”
“¿Que cuando voy a aprender? La respuesta a los problemas de la vida no está en el fondo de una botella, está en la TV!”
“Hijo cuando participes en cualquier deporte, que no te importe si ganas o pierdes, lo importante es qué tan borracho quedes”
“Para qué quiero a un psiquiatra, de todos modos ya se que los niños están locos”
“Marge eres tan guapa como la princesa Leia y tan inteligente como Yoda”
“Niños ustedes han tratado de hacer las cosas muy bien y han fallado miserablemente. La lección es, mejor ni traten”
“La televisión! Maestra, Madre y amante secreta”
“Siempre quise saber si existe Dios, ahora ya lo sé y ese Dios soy yo”
“Si algo sale mal en la planta nuclear, culpen al tipo que no habla Inglés”
“Nunca tendré una incapacidad. Me siento enfermo de ser tan saludable”
“Cerveza! es la causa y solución de todos los problemas”
“Si algo es muy difícil de lograr, entonces no vale la pena hacerlo”
“‘To Start Press Any Key’. Where’s the ANY key?”


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Joseph Campbell
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Wow. I don't know spanish, but my two favorite quotes are:

"Stupid sexy Flanders."
"Financial panther, eh?"

I've decided I hate signatures.

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translation please!
it looks interesting enough to read!

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Joseph Campbell
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Wanted to see what happens when you use an automatic translator on these quotes. Very surreal.

"Only because it does not matter to me, it does not mean that Son does not understand"
"if you wish to prevail in this life you must work hard. Now cállate and lets listen to the numbers of the Lottery "
" Good already is the one of the dawn, will be better to go to me to house and to awhile pass with my family "
" You pleasant know young, a nuclear reactor is like a woman, you only must read the manual and to tighten the correct bellboys "
" Smooth if you do not like your work, you do not make strike, she sees all the day and she works to half. That is the American style "
" That when I am going to learn? The answer to the problems of the life is not at heart of a bottle, is in the TV "
"Son when you participate in any sport, that does not concern if desire to you or you lose, the important thing is what so drunk you are"
"Why I love a psychiatrist, anyway already that the children are crazy"
"Marge you are yourself as handsome as princess Young Leia and as intelligent as Yoda"
"you have tried to make the things and have failed very well miserably. The lesson is, better nor treat "
" the television! Teacher, Mother and loving secret investigation "
" Always I wanted to know if God exists, now already I know it and that God I am "
" If something leaves bad in the nuclear plant, blame to the type that English speech "
" Never I will have an incapacity. I feel like patient of to be so healthful "
" Beer! it is the cause and solution of all the problems "
" If something is very difficult to obtain, then is not worth the trouble to do it "

I must say that this one is my favorite:
" the television! Teacher, Mother and loving secret investigation "

I wish I had a loving secret investigation.


I've decided I love everyone.

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Joseph Campbell
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Oui, mon petit chou.


I've decided to hang with my peeps.

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i hope to always be your little cabbage.

(is that weird? probably. not much weirder than the french thinking that "little cabbage" is a nice thing to say to someone.)

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"If something leaves bad in the nuclear plant, blame to the type that English speech"

Yeah, yeah - it's always the type that English speech or write who get the blame. Not fair.

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