After a long day at work.

This is what I wear to hide from my wife.
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There is an idea here. I just can't find it. What logo should I slap in the bottom right corner?

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what about for a job site mabey....bad line but something like "need a job?"

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or for an anti pimple need to hide.? ...., im thinking..

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I went to an army surplus store the other day and try to buy camouflage shirt and pants but i could not find any.

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couch+soldier= couldier

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man, your wife is going to freak out when she tries to take the dirty boots off the couch...
provided that this IS a couch, and not someone DISGUISED as a couch! ahaaa!

love that pic.

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****+%¨*£ù^$`ù !!!!!!WAKE UP SOLDIER and Move ur boots out of the couch """OUCH""""""execellent camouflage i should try that ;p

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Is that really you Pixel? What a great couch! I'd pile on top of that for a nap any day!

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ahh I see you like to take control. and no it's not me.

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