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If you haven't checked lately, go to your account page, click edit and you will get 3 tabs. The first one is your account settings. There is a new feature to switch on and off certain blocks. The second one is your contact information. You can add any type of instant messanger id. The third section is member information. Here you can add a lot of info about yourself, but most importantly your availability for freelance work and your acceptance of job offers. All these features are optional, so you can fill out as much as you like. Hope these new fields will help us to know more about each other. Let me know if you would like me to add any more fields.

For an example, click my name just below the post to learn quite a bit about me. You may want to drop a comment here if you did update your profile.


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Sweeeeet !!!
Now, looking forward to seeing this as a medium, network for people with beautiful minds, and hopefully thick pocket.. ^___^