Welcome to AotW


Ivan, that would be me.

Thank you for checking out Ads of the World. Let me say a few words about this project.


I always wanted a site that has an ever growing library of ads that is well organized and searchable by keywords. I really like and check out often the Lürzers Archive and read several Advertising blogs (I will post them all here later on). I also wanted to discuss ads, advertising trends and techniques with collegues around the world. I wanted a site that is free and community driven. There are many that can provide several of these things, but not any that has it all. So, I decided to try to set up a site like that myself.


Yes. It's still in Beta, so feel free to report any bugs. I know IE doesn't play well with the front page. Will work on it, until then get yourself a decent modern browser such as Firefox or Safari.

Please check out the about page to read about what the different parts of the site are all about.


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Nice work again Ivan. Will keep my eye on this to see if it gets as interesting as Creativebits. I'm sure I have some interesting ads kicking around somewhere to so will post up if I can find them.

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Thanks for the encouragement. If you would upload some ads I would really appreciate it.

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