Strong moderation policies

As requested by many members, I will introduce a strict comment moderation policy.

We want to keep the discussion professional. Many readers are students and professionals at an early stage of their career. They want to understand the motivation behind opinions.

Therefore we will moderate all comments that fail to give a reasoning. Since it is hard to explain this policy in general terms here are a few examples of non acceptable comments:

"crap!", "next...", "bad AD, bad!", "shit idea", "shoot the copywriter", "great", "wow", "?", etc.

I understand that such comments are simply an expression of like or dislike and to address this requirement I will introduce a rating system in the near future.

Hopefully this new policy will encourage commenting members to expand more on their views and hope all of you will find the result of this policy preferable. Sorry from everyone who disagrees.

This policy is effective from now.


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Haha! ;)

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what about sucks, blow, dumb?

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As far as your profession is concerned, you can ; )

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just kidding Ivan, it's a good idea.

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Sorry, I just saw it now and I kinda "did non acceptable comments" today. But you're right. With this "non acceptable comments" we just spam the "commments room". This happens because when we see an ordinary ad, the kind we see every day, we just want to give our rate feedback and no comment is necessary. The "rating system" will solve that.

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Good idea, but aren't you going to be a very, very busy man?

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Well, I'll try and we will see.

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great! a rating system we can all grasp and be able to relate to! can we still keep the "internets"?

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Yes, internets are here to stay. :)

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i love the internets SO much i actually started saying it here at work. People are catching on....

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hello michelle..HAPPY FRIDAY.

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good call.
i still stand by my 'shoot the copywriter' comment on the jfk ad though.

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Well, of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

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don't let them wear you down ivan! ;)

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thats ryt ivan hope people will understand what you r saying.:)


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Thanks for your support guys!

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Nice job budddy. Keep it up.

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Good Idea...this will make ATW more educational. A cigar for this one.

No idea's too bad...

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