Out of Beta

The site is six weeks old and I can happily say it's out of Beta. For sure this doesn't mean that everything works as intended, but all major bugs are fixed and all functionality I planned for is in place. There are three small things I still want to address.

The first task will be to make ALL pages valid, because currently they are not. These are small syntax errors, which do not affect the user experience in any way, but still bug me.

The other thing is a midly confusing experience on the video pages. When the user clicks the thumnnail it should start playing the video rather than just reloading the page. This is counter intuitive and will be fixed hopefully soon.

The last thing concerns my "favorite" browser Internet Explorer, which displays the news page slightly incorrectly for a reason I don't yet understand.

Thanks for the amazing interest (300K page loads) and the great feedback! Love ya.