Hit by comment spam

I have to apologise to those who wish not to register to comment. I had to disable comments for unregistred users. I got hit by a nasty spammer who littered the blog with some 200 spam comments. It took quite a lot of time to get rid of them and I wish not to bother you or myself with such things in the future, so do me a favor and take those 30 seconds to register and get yourself an account on Ads of the World.

There are many benefits of registering. You will be able to track your comments. The new comments will be highlighted. And, besides commenting, you will also be able to rank the ads.

Update 1: I've reenabled comments for non-registered users, but they will not appear instantly, but go into a an approval process where I manually approve them.

Update 2: Guest comment appear instantly. Captchas are enabled on the site.


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