AotW is catching up on

Alexa graphJust had a look at the Alexa ranks of Ads of the World and were to surprised to see that AotW is catching up on the top advertising site in the world See the graph as it is at the moment on the right.

Not in reach at all, but close in ranking and also in pageloads. If you want to know the rating of all sites you visit, you can install the Alexa toolbar.

Time to think of a a server upgrade. If you know of a really good dedicated hosting service please let me know!


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hey ivan,
this is not related to this particular post. I can't see any ads beyong the first page. Is that because there is no page after page one? the arrows at the bottom of the enlarged ads are acting rather strange. It's not possible to see the next ad if i click on the "right" arrow. they don't seem to know their left from their right (and perhaps their arse from their elbow, from the looks of it!). also, when i try the page option, ie., "next page" "last page", the millisecond my cursor touches those words, the page jumps up. Very shy links. I really like your site a lot, and i'm not one of those uppity ones - just reporting a little technical problem. Also, i have a clunky computer, so that could be it.
Anyway. Nice place you got. Would love to see beyond page one of the ads (if there is something). Checked out all the other stuff already.

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What browser do you use? Possibly some old version of Internet Explorer? Use Firefox, it will certainly not give you broblems and give you a better browsing experience for all sites.

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or maybe... the script blocker.