And.. we are back

I need to apologize deeply. I made a huge mistake. I didn't realize that the backup system was not working properly. So the daily backups I though are being done, were in fact weren't happening.

One day the hard disk died and I was left with no backup for AotW. I tried to send the damaged disk to a data rescue facility, but after inspecting the hardware, they told me there is little chance to save the data unfortunately.

I only had a local backup that had about 85% of the content. This was put back on the new hard disk. Sorry for all the lost comments and dozens of great ads. I will try to repost them along with the new ones in the next month or so. I also lost the data of about a thousand registered users. So, if you can't login, please re-register. I've learned my lesson, I've set-up off site backups now daily.

Thank you for your kind understanding and patience.


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Good to have you back AOTW, IVAN, ADS...etc etc

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Wohoo! Enough cold turkey.


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Welcome back.
Thank you.

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back to AOTW

thanks IVAN

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Missed you AOTW. Good to have you back.

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Today is the first time I can access the site since the big crash.
I'm quite surprised that the forum seems to be active since a week or so - I only got the default server page until now.

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Sorry, the domain was misconfigured. I only noticed it now, a NY CD emailed me about it. the domain without www was working for about a week now.

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np, thanks for fixing it.