Ads of the World is moving servers

In the last 30 days we had a huge increase in traffic. About 400K unique visitors looked at about 8M pages. I'm extremely grateful to all of you to spread the word about Ads of the World.

To cope with the traffic, we need more power. And I just signed up for a brand new dedicated server. It's the fastest I could find for a reasonable budget, and most importantly, it has RAID 1 to protect the data in case of disk failure.

We are moving the site to the new server on Friday, so for a brief period there will be no new content posted and no comments, forum topics or new member registrations will be allowed.

The address stays the same and you will be able to use the site as normal after all is complete. How fast you switch depends on your ISP and how they setup their DNS.

You should notice faster page loads, hopefully.

As with any change there may be some unforeseen issues. You are encouraged to comment with any problems you experience.

Once the move is over, I will update this message.

If you can read this, it means you're seeing the site on the new server. Thank you for your patience and support. Let me know if you experience any problems, by commenting below!


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Good luck for all of us!

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Good luck and God speed.

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There is an issue with timezones, so new comments stay to be new even after you viewed them. This is only temporary and will go away within 8 hours. Sorry!

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Wow that was fast!

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I'm working with professional Drupal web developers, so it was easy for me. :)

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the flower on their homepage is obscene! i love it!

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